Whether you are moving house, relocating to a new office or buying your furniture from IKEA, transportation appears to be the biggest worry of all. Large items like your bed and wardrobe will not be able to fit into your family sized car. Many often resort to renting a truck from a commercial vehicle rental company for self-drive. The common perception is that by driving the vehicle yourself, you are doing yourself a favour by lowering the transportation cost. However, what many people fail to realize is the downside of renting a huge vehicle to drive your own. In this article, we find out why it is much smarter to just book a one way delivery that comes with a driver compared to renting a vehicle and driving it your own.

1. Renting a truck for self-drive can be really inconvenient

Renting from a vehicle company involves going all the way down to their location to collect in the day and return it at the end of the day. It does not make sense if you are shifting in the east and the vehicle pick up location is in the west. All these time wasted can be spent more efficiently on packing your stuffs! Booking a one way delivery that comes with a driver is much more convenient and efficient. Set your own timing to meet the driver at pick up location, transport your stuffs to your drop off location and that is it!

2. Self-driven trucks are more costly than you think it is

For most commercial vehicle companies, the minimum rental period is a full-day rental. If you only require the vehicle for a few hours but have to pay for the full day rental, you are spending more than you should. In fact, booking a driver with a vehicle for one or two trips is cheaper than renting the vehicle the whole day! With added convenience at a lower cost, it is no wonder many are switching to booking a driver together with the vehicle.

3. Securing a vehicle at the rental company is mission impossible

Since commercial vehicle companies do not profit much from short-term rental, most of their vehicles are rented out on a long-term basis. Advanced bookings for one-day rentals like yours are not allowed because the priority goes to long term rentals. In fact, you are only able to call in the day before your moving date to book the vehicle. If there are leftover vehicles, you are in luck! Otherwise, good luck (to finding other companies for vehicles)! On the other hand, booking a delivery with driver is a safer choice because you are able to book 2 weeks in advance. Secure your moving date and vehicle with the safer option.

4. You may not meet the requirements to drive the vehicle on your own

Most rental companies have a standard protocol of having at least a 2 year driving license and at least 23 years old. In addition, majority of their commercial vehicles comes with a manual clutch pedal which most of us are unfamiliar with! Instead of troubling a friend or relative to be your driver, why not pay lesser and book a delivery that comes with a driver!

5. That ridiculous amount of deposit just for a one-day rental

Because rental companies are risking their own vehicles for you to drive, it is necessary to provide a fixed deposit with them before you are able to take their vehicles away. For most companies, a $300 cash deposit is required. If a slight scratch appears on the vehicle when returning it, there goes your deposit! On the other hand, booking a one way delivery with driver allows you end the worry of having to cough up a large amount of cash when there is an accident due to your own carelessness. Leave all the driving to the experienced driver himself!

6. Save on that parking ticket!

Unless you have a loading and unloading bay at your designated area, it is common to get a parking ticket while you are somewhere else shifting your items without anyone inside the lorry you have just rented. With your own driver, you can end your worry about getting a fine in our “law-by-law” country.

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