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Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of vans available for rental

Renting a van only for a week? Rentalorry provides both cargo van and passenger van rentals as good prices.

Delivery Service

Friendly delivery guy delivering package

Need delivery services for a week? We can cover both ad hoc and contract deliveries. Just let us know the cargo type and frequency.

We specialize in offering cheap weekly rental vehicles on a flexible basis for different rental periods. We have a large fleet for hire so if you are a fleet manager or need a temporary vehicle for individual purposes, we have the solution to suit your requirements.

At Rentalorry we provide a variety of rental solutions for you to choose from, the weekly van hire are available for both individuals and business users, and each package is tailored to suit the different needs of our clients. If you need a weekly van rental for whatever purpose then why not give us a call today or email us.

We provide very convenient van hires. You can either choose to pick it up at our office, or have it delivered right to your door step. With such competitive rates, do not hesitate any longer, make your booking with us right now to take advantage of our low prices for long term rentals.

Van Options

Our vehicles come in different sizes and can be used for many different purposes. There are vans specifically for transportation of passengers, for the transportation of cargo.

The passenger vans are commonly used either for the transportation of tourist around Singapore or can be use to provide shuttle services from the airport to the hotel. As for the cargo vans, our customers normally use them for relocation purposes. Each of these are specifically customized to fulfill their purposes.

If a weekly van rental is more than what you require, you can look at the rentals for shorter periods where you can choose which rental package is most ideal for you. There, you’ll find cheap prices as well as special offers if available. At RentaLlorry we pride ourselves in helping out with our customers’ transport needs.


Safety Features

In terms of safety features, our rental vans are leaders in the industry. All our rental vans are equipped with air bags, and our newer models even have air bags on the passengers’ side. Our rental vans both small and large have seat belts to ensure safety for everyone. Our rental vans are designed in a manner such that both tall and short drivers can see properly when driving.

Well-Maintained & Serviced

Our verification and equipment testing programs ensure that our vans are well maintained and clean before customers use them. Our mechanics also make sure that these vehicles are always ready to hit the road.

Lower Cost

Because we are one of the largest vehicle rental agencies in Singapore, we are partners with numerous other rental companies and supplies. In this way, we are able to compare the prices and cheap van rentals to our clients.

Consume Lesser Fuel

Our rental trucks and lorries are equipped with state-of-the art technology that has the ability to lower wind drag and increase fuel economy by up to 20 percent. Our vans use cleaner, cheaper and more efficient unleaded fuel. You get save money on fuel while reduction carbon emissions and pollution.