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Vehicle Rentals

We provide customization services for your rental packages. Short-term and long-term leasing contracts available.

Delivery Service

If you are looking for a simple method to transport water, our water transport services can take care of all the necessary details.

Water trucks are specialized vehicles that are commonly used for the transportation of water around Singapore. The trucks are equipped to carry potable, non-potable and even sea water. Depending on whether you wish to use it for longer periods or one-off projects, we have a range of flexible packages to suit your needs.

Uses & Features

Construction Sites

Typically for dust control at constructions sites, these water trucks come with spray nozzles and pumps. In addition, they are also commonly used for fire protection as well as surface preparations.

Potable Water

With a water truck, one is able to transport water to places where water may not be very accessible. This would ease problems of looking for water points if there are few, or none, at a client’s desired location. The portable water trucks are available in different tank capacities.

Transport Gallons At A Time

Water trucks are also handy as they are able to transport gallons of water at a time to your desired location, with the necessary equipment you would require. Transporting them as a mass would also not only reduce the need for smaller quality containers; water trucks would also avoid the added hassle for time, effort and manpower if the required amount of water was to be transported manually instead. In short, should you need to transport a huge mass of water from one location to another, a water truck would suit your need


Affordable Prices and Wide Range of Water Trucks

Here at Rentalorry, we guarantee our clients cheap and affordable rental prices that can be tailored to our clients’ budgets. Also, we have a variety of sizes for water trucks which can suit our client’s need

Reliable Vehicles & Good Customer Service

All our vehicles here at Rentalorry are serviced regularly to ensure that they and the necessary equipment are reliable for our clients to use. As such, they are maintained in tip-top condition in order to serve our clients well.