Require transportation for your workers to shuttle them to and from your office? Or planning to provide some form of van transportation services but don’t have the manpower? Then RentALorry may just be the right place for you. RentALorry has a large network of vans and drivers that are able to cater to these sort of jobs and we are ever ready to assist you!

Services Available

[toggle_item title=”Shuttle Services” active=”true”]Even though Singapore has an efficient public transportation service, there are still pockets that are not that easily accessible. Shuttle services provide added convenience and save time as well. However, you need to have the adequate manpower, vehicle and planning to provide good van transportation services. With our vast network and experience in this area, RentALorry would be able to easily meet your shuttle needs as it is one of our more common services.[/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”One Way Transportation” active=”true”]Apart from the more regular shuttle van transportation services, we also provide one way transportation for ad hoc request. As RentALorry has a very large fleet of vehicles, we are even able to cater to last minute bookings. [/toggle_item]


We have years of experience in this industry and we have a team of dedicated and experienced drivers who are safe and reliable as well. With the team that we have, you no longer need to be worried about vehicles not showing up or your drivers going on MC because we can definitely find a replacement for you.

In addition, we also have one of the most competitive prices in Singapore. This is because we make efficient use of our resources and transfer this cost savings to our clients. So make use of our van transportation services now!