Types Of Van Rental

Cargo Van Rental

Fleet of vans available for rental

Suitable for those who only require the vans. We provide long term and short term leasing at competitive prices.

Passenger Van Rental

Passenger Van Transport Service

Travelling in a big group with children or elderly folks? The passenger van transport is perfect for travelling in big groups .

Many companies look solely towards van rentals for transportation because of the larger cargo space and loading capacity. It can also be very convenient for any number of reasons, whether you are moving your furniture or need to transport a group of people or products. This is especially useful if your personal car is simply not big enough.

Cargo Van Rental in Singapore

Cargo Van For Self-Drive

Rentalorry offers long-term (yearly) and short-term (monthly) cargo van rentals for individuals, companies, and organizations. For self-drive daily minivan rental in Singapore, we highly recommend our customers to rent a van with driver for a cheaper and more convenient alternative. Renting or leasing a self-driven cargo van is suitable for those who have frequent deliveries on a daily basis.

Cargo van with driver

Renting a cargo van with driver is a popular option as customers do not have to travel to the warehouse for pick up and return of the vehicle. Our drivers will drive the vehicles straight to your pick up point. This is extremely cost-effective for one way transport or for deliveries with a few locations only. Renting a driver is also suitable for people who can only drive auto vans instead of manual vans.

Cargo Van Dimensions

The largest vans around, which also have the most cargo van space are Toyota Hiace, Nissan Urvan or a Mitsubishi L300. They typically have standard dimensions of the following:

  • Internal Length: 2.1m
  • Internal Width: 1.4m
  • Internal Height: 1.2m
  • External Length: 3m
  • External Width: 1.6m
  • External Height: 2m (Make sure carpark clearance height is higher than 2.1m)

For larger dimensions, refer to our lorry dimensions page for more details.

Van Models
  • Toyota Hiace Van
  • Toyota Liteace Van
  • Nissan Urvan
  • Nissan NV200
  • Nissan NV350 Panel Van Auto
  • Nissan NV350 Panel Van Manual
  • Mitsubishi L300 Van
Items That Can Fit in a Cargo Van

Cargo van can fit items that occupy less than half a HDB room size. These items include:

  • Single size mattress
  • Chest drawers
  • Office chair
  • Study table
  • TV
  • At most 15-20 small boxes

If you are shifting a whole room or more, consider using a 10ft lorry or 14ft lorry with a driver.

Items That Cannot Fit in a Cargo Van

Common items that will not be able to fit into a cargo van includes the following:

  • Refrigerator
  • King size bed
  • 2/3 seater sofa
  • Huge fish tank
  • Dining Table

For heavy and fragile items, consider using professional movers service to help you with it.

Note: Self-drive daily rentals for individuals are not available due to insurance issues. Rent a van and a driver at Rentalorry from the cheapest price in Singapore.

Passenger Van Rental

Passenger van for self drive

Self drive passenger van rental is suitable for those who have a vocational liscense. Companies can rent or lease a passenger van on a long term basis and provide their own driver. Van transportation is a more effective way to transport a larger group also because everyone can travel together and you do not have to wait for cars that are left behind at traffic lights or heavy junctions.

Passenger van with driver

The passenger van rental with driver service is effective for transporting large groups of people. Passenger vans allow travellers to rent a cheaper form of transportation for larger groups, as when you use carpooling, everyone can share the cost for the fuel, tolls and vehicle charges. We have one of the best service and most competitive rates in Singapore. Check out our facebook reviews here.

How many seater do we have?

We have different passenger vans catered to a different amount of people. Below is the list of passenger vans available:

One Way Transport

One way transport passenger van with driver service is suitable for passengers who are required to be transported from point A to point B instead of the entire day. Below are some situations which will be suitable for such transports.

  • Airport transfers – When you and your guests have arrived in Singapore Airport and needs to be sent back to your hotel.
  • Corporate meetings – Bringing your team in Singapore
  • Site visits
  • School Excursions
  • Wedding Event
Hourly Transport Service

Hourly Van Transport Service is suitable for guests who have a few locations to go to, but at the same time don’t require the transport for the whole day. Below are some situations suitable for rent this:

  • Filming
  • Delivery of small items
  • Tomb sweeping
  • Hari Raya visiting
  • Chinese New year visiting
  • Delegates visiting Singapore
  • Half day tours
Whole Day Transport Service

Unlike one way transport and hourly transport service, we have a one whole day package rate for passengers who require the transport service for at least 8 hours. The package rate is priced at one of the cheapest and most competitive rates in Singapore. This one-day transport service is suitable for tourists who want a few days tour in Singapore and delegates who visit Singapore and needs to be shown around. The entire service is inclusive of the following:

  • Locations within Singapore
  • A friendly driver at your disposal
  • Fully air conditioned van
  • Newly refurbished seats
  • Price inclusive of fuel and erp charges/road tolls

We specialize in transportation and are confident that we can provide you with the best service. You can check out our past customers’ reviews on our facebook page.

Other Services

Mover Service

Movers moving a cabinet

Movers will be there to help you pack and wrap up all your furniture. Quick and efficient moving for anything that can fit into a van.

Delivery Service

Friendly delivery guy delivering package

Quick deliveries for any small item that can fit in a van. We can provide an extra helping hand for loading and unloading if needed.


Well-maintained and serviced regularly

We ensure that our maintenance teams keep a close watch on our fleet of vehicles to make sure that they are well oiled and always ready to hit the road and serve our clients. This lowers the down time of our vehicles and makes our services more reliable.

Experienced drivers and movers

If you are not familiar with driving a van, this can some times be a daunting task. That is why we have drivers on hand to assist you if you need any help with operating the van. Our movers also have years of experience in this industry and so they know how to take proper care of all your goods and belongings. We will properly wrap all your possessions before transporting them safely to your desired destination.

Excellent customer service

Our customer service staff are well trained to handle all your queries to ensure that your rental experience goes smoothly and efficiently. In addition, with their experience, they are able to properly advice you on what sort of vans you require so that you do not spend excessively on the transportation cost. If you require larger vehicles, they may even recommend a lorry, truck or pickup.