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Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of vans available for rental

Rentalorry has a wide range of used cargo vans and passenger vans available for rental. Packages are suitable for both short term and long term rental.

Delivery Service

Friendly delivery guy delivering package

We can carry out deliveries to support your logistic requirements. This is sometimes cheaper than renting or purchasing your own vehicle.

Rentalorry’s used van rental services provide used vans for rent under a variety of rental packages. Whether you require a delivery team or just simple vehicle rentals, Rentalorry can provide these services to you at good prices. The rental packages for used vans are also available for hourly van rentals to monthly van rentals, we can tailor our rental packages too suit any duration that you require.

Vehicles Available

Cargo Vans

Used mainly for cargo deliveries, the used cargo vans that we have under this category include models from a variety of manufacturers like Toyota or Fiat. The vans also come in a variety of sizes to serve the transportation of different type of goods. Depending on the number of years remaining for each vehicle, the rental rates will vary as well.

Passenger Vans

For the ferrying of passengers, the used passenger vans are often used to transport workers from the dormitories to work sites or for the provision of shuttle services. Though used, we often try our best to refurbish these vehicles so that your passengers will still have a comfortable and enjoyable ride on your used passe

Specialized Vehicles

On the category of specialized vehicles are a variety of vehicles that are used under unique circumstances. For the delivery of cold food, we have our own line of refrigerated vans to support your requirements. We also have used wheelchair vans which are often cheaper to rent then acquiring brand new ones.

Additional Pointers

Maintenance Cost & Downtime

Even though we try our very best to maintain these vehicles and keep them road worthy,  these vehicles are nonetheless still used vans and may encounter may faults then brand new ones. Although the maintenance costs are borne by us, repairing these will definitely take time and this may affect your operations.

Sale Of Vehicles

If you are looking to purchase a second hand lorry at low and affordable prices, you are in luck because we do have them as well. Contact our customer service staff to see whether we have any used vans that may be able to serve your needs.