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House Moving

Movers assisting with relocation

Rentalorry’s trusted moving services are exactly what you need to get your home moving done quickly and efficiently.

Office Relocation

All documents packed in boxes and ready for movers

We have professional office movers ready to assist with your company’s relocation. Site quotation will be carried out.

International Moves

Movers loading a sofa onto the lorry.

We provide international door to door relocation services to over more than 180 countries worldwide. Affordable rates.

Relocation is often a stressful activity when it comes to moving a large amount of items from one place to another. A user who is relocating can be confused and stressed out about packing and also transporting the items safely to its destination. It is hence important to find a reliable moving company who will settle your packing, moving and also not break any of your items during the move. At Rentalorry, our team of movers have more than 20 years of combined experience moving both household furniture as well as office equipment. Email us or give us a call now to get a quote.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

I’m leaving a review because I really appreciate what the team from Rentalorry has done for us. Our apartment is not lift accessible so the movers had to do a lot of heavy lifting. But thankfully they had a great team and everything was done very smoothly and quickly. Even though it was a tiring job, everyone was all smiles at the end of the day. Thanks Rentalorry!


Best moving experience I have had! Everyone was most so quickly from my apartment to the new house. We had specifically warned that about some fragile items that we had and they really took care of our belongings. They were experienced, fast and also on time with all the equipment and everything. If I am moving again (hopefully not so soon) will definitely engage you guys again.

Victor Parker

Moving Packages

Home Relocation

Rentalorry quality house movers that will ensure that all your furniture is properly wrapped before they are even moved out of your house. Wooden furniture, bed frames and dining tables will be carefully dismantled so that they can be transported more easily and swiftly. Packing boxes can also be provided on request.

Office Relocation

Our office moving team has experience in dismantling and assembling office cubicles. We also specialize in transporting sensitive equipment like computers, servers, printers and documents. Office moves are often more large in scale and need to be planned in advance. Make an appointment with us so that our specialist can go down and take a look at what needs to be done so that your office relocation can be carried out more smoothly.


Get A Non-Obligatory Site Quotation

Rentalorry provides trusted moving services where by our movers will make a trip down to your place for a site review. This enables our professionals to survey the site so that we can prepare how to carry out the move on the day itself. Having seen the larger or fragile items, our specialists can then account for the labor and fixed costs and provide you an accurate quotation. This also ensures that our company remains reliable as we do not shock our customers by changing the price all of a sudden.  To avoid unexpected change or additional charges in quotation on the day itself, it is always wise to not engage a company who quotes cheaply without surveying your site and items.

All-In-One Service

Having seen your items before the move, our specialists will also come prepared with the necessary moving materials such as cling wrap and also the relevant tools to handle dismantling and assembling. Not only do we provide labor for moving, all of your items will also be cling wrapped to prevent any scratches or mishap during the move. Having been in the industry for over 10 years, our professionals are also familiar with dismantling and assembling common furniture such as your wardrobe, cabinets, beds etc.

Professional Advice

Moving or relocation can be a complicated situation. There are times when you are unsure how many trips you will have to make, how many boxes you require for packing or whether your cabinet will be able to fit into the lift. Rest assure that these questions will be addressed by our friendly and professional customer service team. Chat with us online or drop us an enquiry on the right hand side and we will get back to you at the soonest possible time!