Our Services

Vehicle Rentals

For long term and short term rentals of the vehicle only, the truck crane rental packages that we provide and cheap and affordable.

Delivery Service

Need a truck crane for a one time use or to delivery some extra heavy cargo and goods? Our vehicle and driver will get the job done for you.

Truck cranes rentals are recommended when there is a need to lift and transport heavy items. It is typically used for construction of infrastructure, and it is very necessary and widely used in the construction industry as its ability to lift and transport heavy loads saves time and energy.

Features & Benefits Of A Truck Crane

A truck crane consists of two parts : the carrier (the truck), and the crane itself, including the boom, which is mounted on the truck.

Greater Mobility

The crane mounted on a truck provides greater mobility, compared to typical tower cranes, which allows for the hoisting and transporting of heavy loads in a single setting.

Greater Efficiency

The quick and flexible set-up of the equipment further increases the efficiency and productivity, which in turn provides more savings in terms of cost for the consumer as much time can be saved with the added mobility feature.

Why Choose Rentalorry

Efficient & Reliable Equipment

The equipment that we have are continually upgraded along with technology, to ensure that the job can be done in the most efficient and safe way possible.


Rentalorry also provides truck crane operating service if you do not have certified operators to operate the truck crane. We have professional operators, who are trained to operate the equipment safely and efficiently.

Safe & Professional Service

Our operators are trained to uphold the highest safety standards while working, to minimize the possibility of accidents happening during the course of work.