Our Services

Chartered Transport

Our friendly and professional drivers will be able to bring you around Singapore and Malaysia and show you the local sights and sounds.

Airport Transfers

Need a vehicle to transport a group of passengers along with their luggage? We have a range of vehicles that can support any number of passengers.

Limousine Service

The limousine service would be just right to ferry your important guest around or if you need specialized transport for a special event.

Shuttle Services

Whether it is to ferry workers or school children, we are able to provide shuttle services between desired locations. Suitable for any number of passengers.

Rentalorry provides a range of transportation services to cater to different groups of people. If you are coming into Singapore, we have friendly and experienced drivers who can show you the popular places around Singapore like the Merlion, Sentosa and even some very popular and yummy local food. If you plan to travel to Malaysia, use our passenger transport service so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. Contact us today to get a quotation for our transportation services.

Customer Reviews

Good service! Mr Foo, our driver was great. Rented a mini van for 3 days while on holidays in SG. Will definitely recommend to friends and family visiting SG soon! Thanks

McCoy Anthony

We booked a transport to Legoland and Hello Kitty Town. Driver was friendly and even brought us to a nice place to have seafood in the evening. Great service!

Cynthia Ng

Types Of Transportation Services

Chartered Services

Whether you want to take a little trip around Singapore or require transport to visit places like Legoland and Hello Kitty Town in Malaysia, we have friendly and professional drivers that can certainly take you there. You do not need to worry about unfamiliar roads and highways or not knowing how to navigate a map, our drivers are experienced and can bring you to your destination safely and quickly.

Airport Transfers

Rentalorry provides specialized transport to and from the airport. This service is more commonly used when our customers have too many luggage and they cannot easily fit into a normal sized car. The airport transfer service is also useful if you are travelling in a large group and need transport to and from the airport.

Limousine Service

Specially for very important guest and special events, the limousines that we provide and polished and well kept to ensure that your guests travels in the greatest comfort. Rentalorry has a wide range of limousines to choose from, let us know the number of passengers that we need to cater for and we will make a suitable recommendation.

Shuttle Services

From worker transport to providing school bus services, Rentalorry has worked with numerous partners to provide shuttle transportation services all around Singapore. Some of our more common projects include providing transport from condominiums to nearby shopping malls and MRT stations. Speak to our staff to find out more about how we can assist you.


Wide Range Of Vehicles

No matter the number of passengers, we will always try our best to provide the most appropriate vehicle to suit our customers needs. This is because we want our customers to travel in comfort and it is because of our large fleet and variety of vehicles that we are able to do so.

Professional & Experienced Drivers

Our drivers are friendly and experienced and make sure that our customers are able to travel stress-free. The are familiar with the roads and are also able to bring you to popular places that are only known to the locals. This additional knowledge and service is how we differentiate ourselves from other transport services.