Lowbeds trailers for transport and rental

Looking for a trailer truck rental for short term of long term purposes? We have extremely good rates here at Rentalorry.

Having trouble finding suitable transport for your large and long cargo? Or have heavy equipment and machinery that needs to be transported to a construction site? Our trailer truck rental services might just be the solution for you. Aside from only provide the vehicle, our cargo movers also provide transport and delivery options. Read more about trailer trucks here and see if it suits your needs!

About Trailer Trucks

What Are They?

Trailer trucks are typically long vehicles in which the trailer can be part of or attached to a truck, and are commonly used to transport or deliver cargo, goods or materials. Different types of trailer trucks exist for different purposes, such as low-bed trailers for carrying heavy equipment, or drop deck trailers for transporting cargo above height limits. These trucks also thus vary in sizes and heights.

Why Use Them?

Given their large loading capacities or enlarged interiors, trailer trucks are handy when moving overheight cargo or heavy cargo from one location to the next; it may not even be possible to use a car or van in these situations.

Variety Of Trailer Trucks Available

The variety of trailer trucks available in type, purpose and size also provide more options from which one can choose to see which best suits one’s needs.

  • Loading Ramps
  • Lowbed and U-bed / Drop Deck Trailers
  • Mini Towbar Trailers
  • Skeleton and Platform Container Trailers
  • Car Carrier Trailers
  • Tipper Trailers
  • Flatbed / Platform Trailers

Why Rent From Rentalorry

Variety Of Trailer Trucks Available

Rentalorry carries a wide variety of trailer trucks. These trucks are also available in different sizes to suit each and every client’s needs. Should you need more information regarding our variety of trailer trucks, do look under their specific tabs, or contact us with your queries and we will get back to you.

Reliable Vehicles And Staff

All the vehicles at Rentalorry undergo regular maintenance and servicing so as to ensure that we provide clients only reliable quality vehicles. Should you require a driver for the trailer trucks, clients may be rest assured to know that all our staff are professionally trained and well-equipped in driving and communication skills so as to provide our clients with a comfortable experience with us here at Rentalorry.

Good Customer Service

Rentalorry strives to provide all our clients, existing and potential alike, with a pleasant and memorable experience with us. If you have any queries about our vehicles, rental rates, services, or simply require more information, do contact us and our customer service staff will get back to you as soon as possible.