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Need a tour van rental service to travel overseas for the weekend? We provide comfortable and reliable tour vans for rental.

Transport Service

Passenger Van Transport Service

Traveling around Singapore or to Malaysia? Let our tour van rental service provide with you simple and reliable transportation services.

Need a tour van rental to take a little trip around Singapore town? Or maybe to see a truly Asia Malaysia. Rentalorry has got just the right holiday vans for you. When travelling in larger groups, sometimes a personal car or a SUV  may not be able to cater to a larger number of passengers especially if they are with their luggage or baggage. Our vans are safe for passengers and can provide tour vans services which are often a better transportation solution when travelling with a larger entourage.

Customer Reviews

Our family wanted to travel to Malacca over the weekend. We wanted to make a few stops along the way as well so the typical bus service couldn’t provide that. The driver, Mr. Foo was really friendly. We could take as much time as we want at the different places and he was also quite familiar with the different routes. Had a really enjoyable trip. Thanks!

Karen Chua

It was my family’s first time to Singapore and the driver was really friendly and helpful. He brought us smoothly around Singapore and helped us to avoid the places with bad traffic jams. Will recommend this service to my friends and family.

Anthony Rivera

We need a passenger van for a family trip to Malaysia. The van was really clean and comfortable and didn’t give us any problems. Thanks!

Hakim Firdaus

Benefits Of Our Tour Van Rentals


Often, more time is spent travelling between destinations, so if the purpose of the holiday is to spend some time bonding with a group of people, then you will a need tour van. This would allow everyone to travel together and have some fun travelling together in the same vehicle.

Cost Effective

Because the vans are able to transport more people at a go, you need not waste money on getting too many vehicles. This would definitely allow you to spend more on the attractions or different destinations.

Flexible Tour Packages

Depending on your travel plans, we have different schemes to assist in your holiday planning. From weekend rentals to even holiday trips that lasts for weeks, our rental services are able to cater to all sorts of plans.


Our tour van rentals come in 6 to 15 seater vans to cater to different sizes of groups. In addition, all our vans are equipped with state of the art facilities like DVD players, GPS systems and also air-conditioning. With all these premium services and facilities, we aim to always still provide our vehicles at cost effective rental rates. This is to ensure that our customers get value for money rental services. We are definitely one of the cheapest tour van rental in Singapore.

To truly enjoy the scenery and attractions during your vacation, our van rental with driver is an additional service which our clients normally get as well. This is so that they do not need to constantly focus on navigating the roads or monitoring the traffic. In addition, if you are not used to handling a van, the drivers, whom are more experienced will definitely be able to provide you with a safer and more enjoyable travel experience.

On top of the tour van rentals that we provide, we are also competent in the other aspects of travel arrangements like lodging and dining and this allows us to provide a total travel experience for our clients. Because of our partnerships with well known brands, we are able to provide extremely convenient and reliable services and take advantage of these partnerships to introduce cost savings to our clients.