Our Services

Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of Lorries

Require a small van for the transportation of light cargo? We have leasing packages for short-term and long-term periods.

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

Our professional movers and packers will assist you in packing and loading everything into our own small van.

Delivery Service

Transportation and delivery service of small to medium packages

The transport service is suitable if you require a small van with a driver. Booking can be done quickly and easily.

Our small van rentals are suitable for delivery of light weight goods such at documents and folders and small to medium boxes. If you are travelling in a small group, we also have small passenger vans suitable for ferrying up to 8 passengers. Depending on your requirements and business operations, we can select the right one for you from our large fleet of vehicles as we have both vans suited for passengers and cheap vans suited to transport cargo at our disposal.

Customer Testimonials

We have been working with Rentalorry for a few months. Their after-sales service is excellent. Will continue to work with them.

Ricky Ang

Our family needed a small passenger van to travel our Singapore. The driver that we got was friendly, he told us many stories about the different places that we visited. Looking forward to coming back to Singapore again and would definitely recommend him to our friends.

Theresa Anthony

Advantages Of Small Vans

Swift & Efficient

Our zippy small vans are able to negotiate easily through traffic to get to your destination faster because of their smaller size. Because of that, we are able to make deliveries very smoothly for our clients. As the vans normally have storage space, they are able to carry more cargo as compared to cars and this makes them a more efficient mode of transportation.

More Environmentally Friendly

If you plan to travel in a group, getting a car may not be economical and efficient because you would definitely need more than 1 car. With our small vans, everyone would be able to travel together and it would definitely cost less because the cost of a single vehicle can be split amongst more people. And because only a single vehicle is used, lesser carbon gases will be released and this make the small vans more environmentally friendly.


Extremely Low Prices

With everyone constantly competing to provide the lowest prices, its normally hard to stay the lowest for very long. But at Rentalorry, we can always ensure that our prices are one of the most competitive in Singapore. Because of our size and partnerships, we are able to obtain competitive prices for our clients and that is what keeps our customers coming back to us. Contact us to get a quotation and see it to believe it!

Sturdy Vehicles

We constantly renew our vehicles to make sure that they are safe and reliable whenever they are being deployed by our clients. In addition, our maintenance crew are also in charge of scheduling the vehicles for maintenance to make sure that they are well oiled and well maintained.

Premium Services

Even though we have low prices, we do not compromise the quality of our services. Our customer service are well trained to handle any queries that you may have. On top of that, during your rental period, if you do need any assistance, our customer service will always be on hand to help you solve your problems.

Drivers For Hire

If you are not familiar with driving a van, sometimes it may seem a little daunting and challenging. Let us take that hassle away for you and do the driving for you. We only select safe and experienced drivers so you can rest assure that your journey will be safe with us. Our drivers are familiar with the roads around Singapore so you may even be able to reach your destination faster than you think.

Book Now!

Do not wait any longer! We definitely have just the right van for you. Depending on whether you are using the vans for a day or even for a week, we have different packages to cater to your needs. In order to get the best prices, our customer service may need to know what you are transporting so that they can better advice you. If they small vans are not suitable, we do have other larger van rentals services that may be able to support your needs. Contact Us now so that we can assist you immediately!