Our Services

Mover Service

Movers moving a cabinet

Our movers will do all the packing and wrapping for you while you can sit back and relax during the relocation process. Hire these full service movers right here!

Transport Service

Quick and efficient one way truck rental delivery services

Got your own manpower and only need the vehicle with the driver to assist you? This one way transport service would be just right for you. Get a quote from us right here!

Do you need to small truck rental for a one way use? Unlike other rental companies in Singapore, here at Rentalorry, we offer one-way rental services for small trucks. Now it’s even easier to just hire a truck without the accompanying problems of returning it! We have a variety of 10 ft trucks and light trucks so choose the best truck to suit your needs.

Advantages Of Hiring A One Way Small Truck

Pay Less

Small trucks are perfect for customers who have to transport goods or items that require a bigger capacity than vans or cars. And instead of having to rent it for an entire day, would it not be even cheaper if customers need only pay for a one-way use if they did not need the truck for both ways?

Less Hassle With Returning

Even renting vehicles to help us move our goods can be a hassle, particularly if the beginning and ending locations are on opposite sides of the island. With our flexible one-way option, our drivers will personally pick up whatever you wish to transport and deliver the items to the specified location. By doing so, you need not worry about returning the vehicle as our driver will take care of that for you.

Why Use Rentalorry?

Wide Variety Of Vehicles

Rentalorry offers trucks in a variety of sizes to accommodate to our customers’ needs. From small to large trucks, through our large partnerships, we have one of the largest fleets of vehicles in Singapore. Just contact Rentalorry and we will be sure to find what is most suitable for your need.

Good Customer Service

Rentalorry prides itself on being able to provide only the best customer service to our clients. Contact us if you require further information or a quote on our rental services, and we would be happy to get back to you regarding your inquiries in the earliest time possible