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Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of truck available for rental

Cheap and affordable simple small moving truck rental with no strings attached. Just email us to check for availability.

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

Movers can also be hired to help you with the rental of your small moving truck. Let us know if you need extra help.

Transport Service

Quick and efficient transport service with moving trucks

Let our drivers do all the driving for you while you just worry about wrapping, packing and moving your belongings.

In need of a truck for a day of moving bulky items? Look no further than Rentalorry to rent a truck at one of the most competitive prices in Singapore! Small moving trucks are optimal for those who are transporting items from one location to another such as a furniture store or your home.

With a moving truck, you can make lesser trips, saving fuel costs as well as time and effort! In addition, your items will be better protected when transported using a truck as compared to other kinds of vehicles. So why move items using a car when you can use a small truck to get the job done faster? Having a truck will make your moving job less frustrating and more efficient.

Customer Reviews

We needed only a small moving truck to move our belongings to the new place. The driver and vehicle arrived on time and assisted with the loading like we requested. Everything was done very quickly. Great service.

Tom Seally

Our company needed a small moving truck to shift some of our cabinets and documents to the new office. Rentalorry offered a good quote and their service was also professional and efficient. Will use their service again.

George Loh

Small Moving Truck Rental Services

Vehicle Rentals

Looking for a daily moving truck rental to do some relocation work? Or long term rental to start your own moving business? We provide affordable leasing packages that cover both maintenance and insurance costs.

Full Service Movers

Rentalorry provides movers together with our small moving truck rental service. We can help with all the packing and wrapping so that your belongings can be transported to your new home. Let us know exactly what you will be moving so that we can provide a good quote.

Transport Service

The truck rental with driver provides one of the easiest and simplest rental packages. The driver will bring the small moving truck to your location and you only need to load and unload your belongings. If you want, the driver can also assist with the moving at a charge.


At Rentalorry, we are able to offer you truck rental at one of the lowest prices you can find island wide! This is because we are a rental agency that works with numerous partners, enabling us to have access to a large fleet of moving trucks that are well maintained and efficient. Through this large network that we have, we can easily source out the cheapest services for our clients, directing you straight to the supplier with the cheapest offer that is ideal for your needs. Gone are the days where you have to email numerous suppliers to find the best deal with the best price. We will do it all for you. Also, do not worry about hidden costs as we strive to be transparent on our dealings with our clients.

Besides enjoying low cost rental with us, we strive to bring you a hassle free rental experience with us when our clients use our trucks. We are able to achieve this due to several reasons:

Excellent Customer Service

Free yourself of worries as our well-trained staff will answer any of your questions and assist you in your truck rental process. If you are not sure of whether a small moving truck or a large cargo truck will be suitable for you, they will do the job of matching your needs to the best deal that they can find in our portal.

Large Network Of Suppliers

With our large network of suppliers, we are able to compare the prices across different companies and provide the best deals for our customers. In addition, customers can be assured that they would be able to find a moving truck that would suit their needs.