Everything packed into small boxes and ready to be moved.

Need some help moving the small loads? Our movers have a fleet of commercial vehicles ready to assist you.

Trying to find the right movers to help simply transport that one piece of furniture? Afraid that hiring full service movers is too expensive and too much? The right movers you are looking for is probably right here at Rentalorry. With our small load movers don’t go about renting a small truck for such a mini move, Rentalorry has a wide range of movers with light trucks and vans that can easily cater to these small scale moves.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

We came across Rentalorry online and they looked and sounded quite reliable. We only needed to move a few boxes which could not fit into our car. The mover arrived punctually and loaded everything in to the lorry for us. Everything was done very quickly. Good job done.

Melissa Heng

We needed some extra helping hands to transport our belongings to our new home. It would definitely have taken a lot more trips if we did everything using our car so thankfully we hired a mover. Would like to complement the mover for being so helpful and friendly (can’t really remember his name though). Thanks so much!

Parker Flint

How Small Is Small?

If your move is less than a truck load and your items just won’t fit in your car, call Rentalorry’s small load movers to save yourself all the hassle of moving! Whether you’re moving a single sofa or a small office, our team will help you pack, transport, unload, and unpack your goods at your desired location. Common items that we transport include:

  • 2 seater of 3 seater sofas
  • medium-sized dressers
  • small to medium-sized boxes
  • washing machines
  • refrigerators

Why Use Rentalorry’s Small Load Movers

Cost Efficient

Here at Rentalorry, we believe in giving you bang for your buck! We have small load movers to help with small moving projects so you don’t overpay for a service you don’t fully utilize. We love helping out with small moves because it’s quick and easy! Small moves are also more economical, meaning even lower costs for you!

Quality and Professional Service

Whether it is for home moving or office relocation, our team of elite movers are ready to handle any relocation task. We have been in the moving industry for years and our movers are friendly and reliable. No matter how big or small the moving task, we can definitely get it done for you. Contact us to book a mover right now!