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Wish to provide your own shuttle van rental service? We have a range of passenger vans for different group sizes. Contact us to get more information!

Transport Service

Passenger Van Transport Service

With our friendly and experienced drivers, we will be able to provide efficient and punctual shuttle services for our customers.

A shuttle van rental service is especially designed to transport people from one place to another quickly and efficiently because it does not make as many intermediate stops as the public transport. Rentalorry has got a huge variety of passenger vans to provide shuttle services and meet every transportation need, requirement  and budget.

Customer Reviews

Our condo has been using the shuttle service from Rentalorry for many months. Their service is reliable and cost-efficient as well. Will recommend them to other companies and facilities.

James Kong

We have been working with Rentalorry to provide transport services for our students. They have been able to accommodate to our last minute request as well as to support various events. Will definitely choose to continue working with them!

Wai Leong

We are thankful that we found Rentalorry to provide shuttle services for our event guest. Our guests had no complains about their service and their van was clean and comfortable.

Henry Tan

Uses & Benefits

A shuttle van service can be a means of transport for your employees to bring them to work if the office is not very easily accessible or to ferry people between two points if the public transport cannot fully cater to the high demand during peak periods. In addition, if you are travelling to areas which have high traffic flow, it may be hard to find a suitable parking. Having a shuttle service would reduce the problem of having to find a good parking spot or even getting parking fines.

At Rentalorry, we provide you with the experienced and professional drivers who frequently drive shuttles vans for your comfort and ease. The drivers are experienced and are extremely familiar with the roads in Singapore and will know the quickest routes from your home to the office. They may even know a few shortcuts to help you reach your destination more quickly and avoid congested areas.

With a shuttle van service, you can also be sure that you will get to have your own seat and do not need to squeeze on the public transport like everyone else and stand the whole way throughout your journey. You can also travel in comfort as all our vans are fully air-conditioned.

Rentalorry Services

Shuttle van rentals are considered more cost-effective as compared to rental cars and taxis in the longer term because the cost can be shared by the passengers and the vehicles run on diesel. We have both large vans and minivans for you to rent which would be dependent on the number of people you wish to transport.

Depending on which crowd you are targeting, our packages are highly flexible and customizable as well. If you are looking at ferrying the morning crowd to work or evening crowd home our half day van rentals or hourly van rentals are also suitable for shuttle services. We will definitely try our best to tailor a plan to suit your needs to the best of our ability.

If you have more queries, feel free to contact our customer support and we will be glad to assist you. We offer one of the best shuttle van services and discounted packages to keep your transportation requirements within your budget. Rent a shuttle van with Rentalorry and we will ease all your transportation worries.