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Single Items

Movers moving a cabinet

One of our most popular services, our mover and packers can help move your belongings to your desired destination.

Entire Apartments

Preparing an entire apartment for the house moving services

Need help with packing the entire room or apartment, we have trained people who will take care of the packing and wrapping for you.

Relocating can be quite a hassle and life needs to resume as soon as possible after relocation. Be it the relocation of items in a student hostel, home or office, individuals and corporations alike will want to keep the time needed for relocating to the minimum so that everyone can settle down quickly. Rentalorry’s same day movers will help to reduce any disruptions and make relocation as easy as possible. Contact us to check our availability and prices now!

Customer Reviews

We urgently needed to find a replacement mover because the mover we had booked was suddenly not contactable. Charlotte was very understanding and managed to book a time slot for us, we are very grateful for that.

Charlene Wong

We had a few large tables and cabinets that we need help with. The movers were very helpful and managed to finish the job quite quickly. Thanks!

Joseph Reyes

How Can We Help?

Small Items

If you have your items already wrapped, packed and ready to go and only lack the transport, our same day moving service would be perfect for you. We can quickly provide you the appropriate transport to move your items to your desired location. Whether you require furniture movers and appliance movers, our team will be ready to handle it.

Partial Moves

Rentalorry’s same day movers are also capable of assisting you if you are only relocating single rooms. We have moving vans and moving trucks capable of transporting your items. These vehicles are larger than your car and would definitely save you the hassle of making numerous trips.

Alternate Services

Unfortunately if you are looking to move the entire house and require us to do the packing, this may not be as suitable because we would need to conduct a site survey first in order to properly provide the transport as well as the packing materials. In this case, our full service movers might be more appropriate.


Rentalorry’s same day movers will ensure that all your items are transported to the new destination within the same day. It shortens the time needed for relocation and greatly reduces the stresses of relocating. When the stresses of moving are all kept within a day, the efficiency of relocation is greatly enhanced, leaving both movers and clients satisfied.