Our Services

Single Items

Movers moving a cabinet

Suitable for single item moves, our movers and helpers can help you quickly transport single items like mattresses and cabinets to your desired location using our lorries.

Entire Apartments

Preparing an entire apartment for the house moving services

For home and office relocation, our team will properly pack and dismantle all your furniture before transporting them safely and quickly to your new location.

Getting a good removal lorry hire can often help to reduce the stress from a have to relocate all your belongings because you know that you have the right people to take care of your precious possessions. Here at Rentalorry, we are ready to take away all that stress and anxiety from moving and make your moving experience as enjoyable as possible. From sentimental low value items to important documents and priceless art pieces, your possessions are as important to us as they are to you.

Our different vehicles specialize in transporting different types of loads, from canopy lorries which provide mild protection from the weather to boxed lorries which provide absolute protection. From our wide range of vehicles, you will definitely be able to find something to suit your needs. From crane services to contract hires, we have a vehicle for every purpose.

Customer Reviews

The movers were really helpful and friendly, they helped quickly pack up our stuff and moved it to our new home. We had some problems dismantling one of our cabinets but thankfully Syed was experienced in dismantling it so he helped us out with it.

Aldrin Chong

Charlotte was extremely helpful in arranging the last minute moving for us. We only had a few cabinets to move and everything was transported safely to our new house.

Thomas Bog

Who Do People Choose Rentalorry?

With our experience and trained personnel, we can guarantee you a stress free and seamless moving experience with us. With the use of the removal industry’s best practices and equipment, we also like to make your moving more effective and efficient. Here are just some of the many reasons why people prefer to use our services:

Tips For Packing

Types Of Boxes

Different boxes should be used for different sized cargo. We can provide them depending on your needs. We have small to large boxes for your books or kitchen items. We even have hanging wardrobe boxes to allow hanging of your garments during transportation thus reducing creases and wrinkles.


The best way to transport electronics like TVs would be to keep them in their original boxes. However, if you no longer have these boxes, we would be glad to provide the specialized boxes for these delicate equipment.


Smaller glassware will be wrapped with soft paper before they are placed in boxes. For larger pieces, bubble wrap would be used. This ensures that the glassware are well protected before they are placed in the box and transported.

Related Services

Cheap Moving Van Rental

The budget moving van rentals are for people who only need the bare minimum. For this service, we would only provide the professional movers if requested. This service would be ideal if you do not have a lot of belongings or furniture and a few trips would do the job.

One Way Rentals

Just bought a new mattress or cabinet and need transportation? Then this would be the ideal service for you. Our moving van rental one way services provide quick and simple transportation for any occasion. Just let us know the pickup point and destination and our driver will be on the way.