All our clients have different relocation needs, from personal to office moves. To reduce the stress from relocation, RentALorry wants to provide quality and experienced Relocation Movers to make your move a stress free one.

Factors to Consider

[toggle_item title=”Resources” active=”true”]Perhaps one of your employees already has the driving license needed but your company needs a suitable vehicle. Or you already have the right vehicle and just need a driver. Consider these factors carefully before contacting your selected relocation company for a customized service package.[/toggle_item]

[toggle_item title=”Cost” active=”false”]Always have the relocation movers do a quick site survey and give you a proper quotation before starting anything. This prevent your cost from ballooning out of expectations. RentALorry is one of the largest commercial vehicle rental intermediary and supplier in Singapore. The economies of scale we enjoy will be passed on to consumers in the form of lower and more affordable prices![/toggle_item]

[toggle_item title=”Scale of relocation” active=”false”]A larger scale of relocation naturally needs a vehicle with a larger cargo space to fit all your items.[/toggle_item]

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Why Choose RentALorry?

RentALorry is truly your one-stop destination for all your moving needs! We understand that every customer is going to have different vehicle needs based on their scale of relocation. With our fleets of lorries, vans, trucks and pick-ups, you are certainly going to find the exact vehicle you need to relocate. Under our moving services, you can elect for the full service movers or if you want, you can just rent the transport.