Our Services

House Moving

Movers assisting with relocation

Rentalorry’s house movers can help you pack and transport all your personal belongings to your new home.

Office Relocation

All documents packed in boxes and ready for movers

Suitable for both small businesses as well as industrial offices, we can move sensitive documents or heavy equipment.

International Moves

Movers loading a sofa onto the lorry.

Need help relocating and moving overseas? We have experts ready to help and assist you. Let us take care of everything for you.

Reliable movers make relocation less stressful and even unpacking more organized because they are trained and experienced in what they do. With a reliable and quality mover, you can be assured that your personal possessions are well taken care of and that is the type of service Rentalorry wants to provide. Our movers have years of experience in this industry and we are confident of moving items like refrigerators or mattresses easily for you.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

We were initially looking to just rent a van and do the moving ourselves because we only had a few small loads. But Rentalorry offered a good quote with movers so we decided to hire them as well. It was definitely money well spent! The movers got everything onto the van very quickly and transported them to our new home safely.

Vanessa Hoo

We saw quite a lot of good reviews on Facebook so we decided to hire Rentalorry to help us with our home relocation. Everything was already packed nicely so they only needed to move the things to the new house. Everything went smoothly, nothing was damaged or broken and we could see that the movers took good care of our items will transporting them. Would definitely use them again.


Why Should You Hire A Moving Company?

  1. Simple boxes may be easy to carry and move but what about the heavy appliances like the washing machines, refrigerators or ovens? You need the proper skill and equipment to move such heavy furniture or you may risk damaging it and worse even injure yourself while trying to move it.
  2. We have vans and trucks of varying sizes and these allow us to transport your belongings more swiftly and efficiently. Instead of having to make numerous trips in your saloon car, we can help you move faster hence saving you time and petrol!
  3. Delicate items such as pianos and antique art pieces are also our specialty. We commonly store these items in our warehouse for our customers so we are very experienced in moving and transporting the fragile items.


  1. Send us an email regarding the items you would be transporting and the pickup and drop off location.
  2. If you only have a few small items, take pictures of those items and send them to us so that we can send a vehicle with the appropriate size down. If there are many items, we would normally do a site quotation so that we can make a good estimate of the amount of manpower and equipment required.
  3. With the pictures or site quotation, we will try our best to provide you with a affordable quotation so that we can live up to our name of being one of the cheapest movers in Singapore.


From just a single lorry that we previously used for moving, Rentalorry has grown to become one of the largest moving services in Singapore. We are capable of handling both home and commercial relocation and our experience has allowed us to carry it out both swiftly and efficiently. Some of the common factors which keep our customers coming back to us include:

Fast & Efficient

Moving homes and relocating offices can be quite a hassle. Moreover, people moving homes will want to do up their new homes quickly so that life can resume and having new offices set up fast will mean businesses can resume operations earlier.

Careful Packing

Bulky and fragile items are inevitably the most troublesome items to move. They can be easily damaged during the moving process due to their cumbersome and brittle nature. Only the best movers and packers will be able to ensure that such items are given extra care and attention such that all items are kept intact when they reach the new destination.