Need help with moving that heavy refrigerator? Don’t hurt your back doing it, have our professional team move it for you!

Moving heavy appliances can be very hard work. It is tedious, tiring, and not to mention, dangerous if not handled properly. Moving refrigerators are no different. In fact, there are many small equipment within your refrigerators that make proper moving very important, lest you damage your refrigerator. At Rentalorry, our refrigerator movers take great pride in moving your refrigerators safely in the fastest way possible.

Customer Testimonials

The previous mover that we used made a dent in our refrigerator so we were quite careful when selecting a mover this time round. The movers from Rentalorry were really helpful and professional. They wrapped the refrigerator properly before moving it and the whole process was quite smooth.

Jupiter Cruz

The movers arrived punctually and immediately got to work. We had the fridge at our new place sooner than expected and the fridge was still in perfect condition.

Frank Young

Refrigerator Moving Process

  • Empty Out All Contents – We are not only talking about all the food here but all the trays and shelves as well. Storing them properly will ensure that they do no shift and get damage while we are moving and transporting your refrigerator.
  • Proper Wrapping & Taping – Before the actual move, the doors will be taped shut using gaffer tape to ensure that they do not open unexpectedly. We will also use cling wrap or blankets too protect the exterior of the fridge so that it does not get scratched or dented during the move.
  • Standing Position – During the move, we will try our best to keep the refrigerator at an upright position to avoid the cooling oil from flowing in the wrong direction.
  • After Relocation – Once the move has been completed, it is best to allow the refrigerator to sit for 3 hours before you plug it in. This will allow the oil and fluids to flow back into the compressor and prevent any damage to the refrigerator.


Proper Moving Equipment

At Rentalorry, we pride ourselves on being professional movers. This is why we are equipped with all the equipment needed, such as a moving dolly, to properly move a refrigerator. Our movers are more than well-trained to utilize equipment, and you can be assured that your refrigerator will be moved properly wrapped and transported to  prevent any scratches or dents

Experienced & Efficient

You have our assurance that the whole moving process will be fast and efficient, all while we prioritize on safety. Our movers are trained well enough to be able to move your refrigerators in the fastest way possible, saving you time. At the same time, with our experience in moving refrigerators, you can be sure that you refrigerator is in safe hands.

Cheap & Affordable

This is one of the most important things after-all right? In order to provide the best prices, send us a picture of the fridge so that we can accurately gauge the amount of manpower required and the most cost-effective vehicle to transport your fridge. With this information, we are confident that we can provide you with a moving quotation that you will be happy with.