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Vehicle Rentals

Choose from our wide range of refrigerated vans the right one to fit your needs. We have extremely competitive prices here!

Transport Service

With our very our fleet of refrigerated vans, we can make the delivery for you and take care of your logistics operation.

Chiller van rentals are for the rental of refrigeration trucks or vans which are designed to transport perishable goods at a specific temperature. These vans differ from the normal vehicles used to transport food as they are fitted with specific cooling systems unlike the normal vans which have simple insulation systems. The vans at Rentalorry, make use of the mechanical cooling systems to keep our client’s good cold.

Features Of Chiller Vans

Ideal For Food Storage & Transportation

Being in the industry for many years, we understand the different temperatures that is required of the vehicles to transport food items like ice cream, meat or vegetables. Let us know what are the items you plan to transport and our service staff will be able to recommend the best vehicle to suit your needs.

Extra Accessories and Storage Space

If required, additional fittings can also be installed into the refrigerated vans. Fittings such as boxes or shelves can help with the organization and proper storage of the items. The custom shelving and storage not only help to keep the food even more properly insulated, it also increases the carrying capacity of the vehicle itself.


Well-Maintained Vehicles and Superior After-Sales Service

With our very own crew of experienced and well trained technical service staff, our vehicles are always under their watchful eye. They monitor our fleet of vehicles to ensure that the vehicles are fully capable of fulfilling their requirements and are completely road ready. In addition to the typical maintenance procedures that each vehicle needs to undergo, the chiller vans also need to be calibrated so that refrigeration systems meet AVA and NEA regulations.

Experienced Staff and Customer Service

Our friendly customer service staff are always ready to answer your queries regarding the vehicles or restrictions regarding the use of the vehicle. In addition, if you are unfamiliar with driving a van and need a driver to assist you, just let our customer service know and they will assign one to you. Our drivers have a good safety record and are experienced with handling vans. They will be able to guide you to your destination quickly and efficiently because the know the roads in Singapore well.

Competitive Prices

Being one of the largest network of commercial vehicle providers in Singapore, Rentalorry is able to provide the refrigerated vans at extremely competitive prices. We understand that having low leasing costs is crucial to running a business and that is work we work continuously to keep our prices competitive.

Alternative Vehicles

The refrigerated vans are one of the smallest vehicles in our fleet. Even though they are small and agile and can easily go into most car parks, their carrying capacity will certainly be lower than those of the lorries or trucks. Aside from the refrigerated vans, Rentalorry also have a range of other chiller vehicles to suit different needs. The refrigerated trucks are the larger series of chiller vehicles and the have more functions and features as opposed to the refrigerated vans.