Billiard balls on a pool table

Professional pool table movers with years of experience in the billiard industry, Rentalorry can take good care of your pool table.

Moving pool tables can be a very risky task. It is extremely bulky yet delicate and if it is not handled properly during the moving process, it can easily be damaged or even cause injury to the movers. This is why it is generally advised that people tap on the services of professional pool table movers like Rentalorry to take responsibility of the moving process. Highly proficient in the moving of pool tables, our professional pool table movers will not only be able to handle your tables safely, they will also be able to maintain and provide advise on keeping your pool tables in tip-top condition. You can be assured of our top-notch safety policies and procedures when it comes to handling your pool tables.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

The pool tables from Rentalorry were really professional and helpful. The dismantled everything very carefully before transporting it and we could tell that their crew was very experienced as they knew exactly what they were doing. After assembling, they also ensure that it was properly leveled.

Dylan Lee

The movers were really helpful. When they came to our place they prepared the pool table by dismantling all the parts and they also lined the entire area so that the floor wouldn’t be scratched. Was more expensive than I expected but can understand why.

Wai Seng

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Moving A Pool Table

  1. Size And Kind Of Table – There are quite a few variations of pool tables. From 7 ft tables to 9 ft tables, these tables require different types of equipment and different vehicles to handle. These is one of the most important factors because the larger tables have 3 slate play fields and they require more effort to move.
  2. Pick Up And Destination – Whether the homes have lift access is another factor. Narrow staircases will make it difficult for our movers to move the slate play fields and additional precaution needs to be taken as well to ensure that your pool table is well taken care off.


World Class Safety Procedures

Safety is our utmost priority when it comes to moving bulky items like pool tables. We have a very systematic safety system in place to ensure that your pool table is transported safely. For example, our lorries are fitted with top-notch suspension systems and power steering, ensuring that your pool tables in good hands throughout the transport process. Blankets are also laid on floors while we move the pool tables out of your homes or offices to prevent scratches.

Gold Standard Of Proficiency

Having many years of experience, our professional pool table movers are more than well-equipped to handle your pool tables in the safest and most efficient way possible. Before we dismantle the table, our movers will conduct a very thorough inspection to look for any defects, and may advice you to conduct specific maintenance, such as re-felting, for your pool table. Using special tools, our movers will slowly dismantle the table. It will then be stored carefully and transported to your new place, where re-installation will then be done, with another round of proper inspection to ensure that the pool table is in tip-top condition. This is a gold level of proficiency that our movers have to ensure that your pool table is transported in one piece, and is only testament to our credibility in transporting your pool tables in the safest way possible.

Advice and On-The-Job Maintenance

What makes us different from other companies, is that our veteran movers will be able to provide on-the-job advice and maintenance for your pool tables upon inspection. They will give you a breakdown on what you need to do to maintain your table at tip-top condition.