Our Services

House Moving

Movers assisting with relocation

Rentalorry has teams of professional movers that specialize in home moving. We move typical household goods to large appliances.

Office Relocation

All documents packed in boxes and ready for movers

Our professional office movers can move sensitive documents and also assist with the dismantling as well as assembling of office furniture.

International Moves

Movers loading a sofa onto the lorry.

Moving all your furniture and belongings overseas? We have professional international movers that can provide one of the best rates for international relocation.

Relocating can be a highly stressful task and it is definitely not easy to transport all the bulky items without the proper equipment and people to help you. Engaging Rentalorry’s professional movers is often the solution to all your moving woes. Whether it is for home relocation or for large scale office moves, we have the right movers for any relocation.

Customer Reviews

We were moving to a new apartment and needed a truck or lorry to help us move our furniture to our new place. We took the cheapest package because we only needed the vehicle. The truck arrived on time and driver was polite and friendly.

Tessa Leng

We hired some movers to help us with the relocation of our bulky furniture, everything was wrapped up nicely and arrived at our new home without any scratches or dents. Will definitely hire them again.

Kok Leong

Moving Packages

In order to make moving less stressful and more affordable, we try to have flexible and customizable packages to suit any budget. Find out more about the different packages below or contact us and we can make a recommendation for you.

  • Transport Only – This is one of our most popular options, our driver would just bring the vehicle for you and you can load all your belongings onto the vehicle. No need to worry about picking up or returning the vehicle, our driver will have all that covered for you. In addition, we have a wide range of vehicles to choose from so you can pick the best one to suit your needs.
  • Full Service Movers – Just let us know what you want to move and our movers will pack, wrap and transport everything to your new place. This is the most efficient moving method because we will take care of everything for you.

Rentalorry’s Movers


Professional movers will be responsible for all your items. Checking for your items before moving off and immediately after unloading is a must-do. Professional movers will be also do an excellent job at keeping all your items in the condition that they were before moving. Fragile items must be safely wrapped in bubble wrap to protect them from damage.


Professional movers will be equipped with necessary skills to move your items with speed and the least amount of effort. Everyone will not be too stressed out over the whole issue of relocating.

Why Choose Us?

Excellent Customer Service

Rentalorry has built a system where customers can easily contact us through their preferred method – either via email, phone or through our stress-free and efficient online booking system! It isn’t difficult to get any information you may need.

Competitive Prices

At Rentalorry, be assured that all your insurance premiums will be taken care of and we offer the most flexible rental packages so you only pay for the exact services you require! To get the best quote, let us know exactly what items you want us to move or request for our movers to do a site quotation. This is how we can accurately gauge the amount of manpower required.