Rows of potted plants ready for moving

Require some help with moving your plants? Our professional plant movers can do the job for you.

When plants are include in landscaping, they help create a sense of tranquility and calmness which most people want in their homes. Growing a plant is definitely no easy task and most people want to make sure that when the plants are being transported to their new home, they are not damaged in any way. However, moving plants can be a very arduous task. If not handled properly by a professional, it could possibly damage the plant and make the whole moving process a waste of time.  This is why you can rely on Rentalorry to move your plants to your new home or office. We have a team of professional plant movers who will be able to handle and transport your plants in the safest way possible.

Customer Review

I requested plants to be picked up from a friend’s balcony to mine. Not only was Charlotte at Rentalorry speedy in her replies, but I had paid the deposit and had the time locked in in what seemed like minutes. On the day itself, I received a call from the driver to say he was at the location and would be with me shortly. He and his two men moved five very large plants onto my balcony without a drop of soil. Very professional. I would use them again, though hoping the plants actually live long enough for moving…

Elaine Young

Moving Procedure


Before we carry out the actual moving, our team will carry out an inspection to identify possible infestations or illnesses with the plants that may require immediate attention before we can transport the plant. During the initial quotation, it would best if you give can send us pictures of the plant so that we can prepare the proper transport and equipment to move your plant safely. We would also suggest to prune large plants to ensure that they are not top heavy and tip over so easily.

Actual Day Moving

The night before the actual move, water the plants. This will ensure that the plant stays hydrated throughout the moving process and at the same time not filled with water and extremely difficult to move. If required, we will also provide boxes to put the plants in so that the interior of your house will not be dirtied by loose soil.


Proper Handling

With Rentalorry, you can be assured that our movers will be able to handle your plants very safely. Our specialized wheeled pot transporters can easily transport potted plants or small shrubs. We will be able to delicately handle your plants without any damage, while ensuring that it is moved in a way that it still is able to survive.

Cost Effective

Finding a moving service that specifically caters to plants can be difficult. Engaging a general moving service can be troublesome and costly just for plants because they may not have the necessary expertise as well. By introducing a service specifically for moving plants, we at Rentalorry can assure you that you will be able to save costs as we have lots of experience in this area.