Our Services

Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of Lorries

Choose a pickup from our wide range of pickups available for rental at competitive prices.

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

Movers will be there to help you wrap and transport all your items in our very own pickup truck.

Transport Service

Transportation and delivery service of small to medium packages

Suitable for deliveries of extremely small items that can fit into the back of a pickup.

The pickup rental service is suitable for business which need urgent transport or want to rent the vehicle for longer periods of time. It is one of the best ways to transport goods which are heavy. With its open loading area, it is also able to transport items which are extremely tall and cannot fit easily into a van or car. With our large network of partners and suppliers, choose from our range of single-cab or double-cab pickups the best one to suit your needs.

Types of Pickups

There are two main types of pickup trucks, the compact pickups and the full-sized pickups. The compact pickups are of a smaller size and usually come in a range of four-cylinder or V6 engines. The full-sized pickups on the other hand are larger, more rugged and higher off the ground. These trucks are used for more demanding tasks.

Services Available

Vehicle Rentals

Rentalorry provides both short-term leasing and long-term leasing for our brand new or used pickups. Servicing and maintenance is fully included in our leasing packages so you do not have to worry about unforeseen expenses. We also have one of the most competitive prices in Singapore so speak to our staff today to find out more about the rental packages available. Prices of the packages are dependent on the rental period as well as the age and type of vehicle required.

Moving Service

Our movers and packers have years of experience in the moving industry and they are well-trained in this area. They will carefully pack and wrap the furniture or equipment before loading them up onto the vehicle. For delicate items, we would normally recommend a van or lorry so that they do not get damaged by the rain. Prices will depend on the number of items that our movers have to move. We always try our best to make moving a less stressful experience for our customers.

Transport Service

For simple one way pickup rentals, the delivery service would fit your needs best. Our driver would bring the  vehicle to your desired pick-up point where you can load your goods on. He will then transport them to your destination. Quick, easy and definitely hassle-free.


Competitive Prices

Rentalorry provides one of the most budget pickup rentals in Singapore because we are one of the largest commercial vehicle providers in Singapore. We partner with a wide network of partners to try and attain the best prices for our customers. Using high-tech fleet management systems, we are also able to use our vehicle more efficiently and this transfer into cost savings for our customers.

After-Sales Service

Our drivers, support staff and mechanics are all well-trained and equipped to handle any problems that you may face. Whether you are renting the pickups or using our delivery services, our staff are ready to assist you so that you have a happy experience with us.