Rentalorry has a range of pickups for customers to choose from. From compact pickups to full-sized pickup trucks, we have them available for short-term and long term-leasing packages. We also have a range of services using our very own fleet of pickups so if we wish to check out the rates of our more popular services, just drop us an email or refer to the sections below:

Vehicle Rentals

Prices for the pickups rentals vary for weekly, monthly or yearly rentals. Contact us using the contact form at the side so that we can provide you with a competitive quotation. You can find the daily rates below:

  • Pickup

For weekends, there is a minimum of 3 days rental for our vehicles. If you only require the vehicle for a few hours, a cheaper and better alternative would be our rental with driver service.


Rates for our professional moving service are based on the number of items that you require as to move. Because the loading area of the pickups are normally quite small, only small furniture or small to medium boxes can be loaded onto the pickup.

To get a quote, send us the pictures of items that you want us to move so that we want estimate accurately the amount of manpower needed and provide you with a better quote.

If you do not want your possessions to be exposed to the rain, we normally recommend using the moving van or lorry.

One Way Transport

Rentalorry’s one way pickup transport services provides friendly and experienced drivers for hire either by hour or by trip. We try our best to provide flexible packages so that customers only pay for what they require. If you are unsure of which package is most cost-effective, just speak to any of our staff and we can advice you

Rentalorry’s one way pickup transport services comes with a driver and they are available for hire by the hour or by trip. Depending on how long you require it or the number of locations you will be going to, our staff will advice you on the best package that offers you the lowest cost.

One Way Transport Pricing
Vehicle TypePer TripPer Hour

* Transport cost does not include parking and ERP charges.

Terms & Conditions

Per TripPer Hour
Loading time is 15 mins eachMin of 2 hours required per booking