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Planning to start your own transportation service? Our passenger van rental would be perfect to transport large groups of people.

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Passenger Van Transport Service

With experienced and knowledgeable drivers, let us bring you around Singapore without having to worry about driving.

Passenger van rentals are just the right vehicles to hire when you are taking a long trip or want to travel in a bigger group. A personal car may not be able to fit everyone’s luggage if you are planning a longer trip and so not only does the van provide the people riding in it with plenty of leg room and a comfortable seat for everyone, there will also be enough space for your baggage.

Customer Reviews

Good service! Mr Foo, our driver was great. Rented a mini van for 3 days while on holidays in SG. Will definitely recommend to friends and family visiting SG soon! Thanks

McCoy Anthony

Friendly, Reliable, Fast, Efficient, Helpful, Trustworthy.

Michael Chua

Rented a van at 14.00. It arrived at 15.45. The service was great, no hassle, quick and effective. The driver was very nice as well and could tag along for ride together with my girlfriend. All in all an effective service for a good price!

Daniel Scavo

Why Use A Passenger Van?

Cost Effective

Sharing the cost of the vehicle allows you to reduce your transportation cost. With a larger vehicle, you get to split the cost over a greater number of people. This normally helps to keep your transport cost down and you can spend more on other areas like good food or having more to spend at attractions.

Environmentally Friendly

Travelling together in the same vehicle helps save the environment and keep the air fresh! Carpooling is always the better choice because there is less carbon emissions. Do your part to save the earth by choosing to travel in a passenger van!

More Bonding Time

If you are travelling in a large group, travelling in separate cars doesn’t allow you to mingle around or chat with each other. Our cheap passenger vans on the other hand can allow you to do all that. Make better memories when you travel by doing it together with your friends and family.

Passenger Transport Service

Tours To Malaysia

If you are looking for a passenger van to ferry a large group of people to Malaysia, we have experienced drivers who can bring you to the best local destinations. From tourist attractions like Legoland to Hello Kitty Land, we can ferry you there and then pick you up at the end of the day to bring you back to Singapore. We have vans that are suitable for groups as large as 13 pax.

Size of Vans

Depending on your group size, we have a wide variety of vans that can cater to your needs. From groups of 6 people up to 13 people, the vans have sufficient leg space and there is enough room for luggage as well.

Comfortable and Well-Maintained

The passenger vans are clean are also well-maintained so that you have a very comfortable trip wherever you go. Especially with the typically hot weather that we experience in Singapore and Malaysia, we are sure that proper air-conditioning makes a lot of difference.

Sizes Of Passenger Vans

  • 7 – 9 Seater Passenger Vans – Slightly larger than the common MPV and SUV that are commonly found on our Singapore roads, our 7 seater, 8 seater and 9 seater vans are mainly used by small families traveling around Singapore or two Johor Bahru for a weekend trip. This van is more suitable for families traveling light and with very few luggage.
  • 10 – 12 Seater Passenger Vans – The 10 seater, 11 seater and 12 seater vans are one of our most highly demanded vehicles. In addition to providing airport transfer services, companies also frequently book this size of vehicle when they have VIP coming to town and require a suitable transport service. These vans are also commonly used to ferry passenger during corporate events or exhibitions in Singapore.
  • 13 – 14 Seater Passenger Vans – The 13 seater and 14 seater vans are suitable for families going on longer road trips and require more baggage space. Being a larger vehicle, there is also more legroom and you can travel in more comfort. This is also the ideal vehicle if you are planning a pub crawl event.
  •  15 – 18 Seater Passenger Vans – One of the largest vehicle of our fleet, these vans are commonly used to provide shuttle services for our corporate clients and also to support tour groups visiting Singapore. If you are traveling in a large group, this may be the ideal vehicle to meet your needs.
  • 23 Seater Passnger Vans – One of the largest passenger vans of our fleet, the 23 seater passenger vans are normally used for more long distance road trips like trips to Malacca or Penang. They is sufficient space for passengers to sit comfortably on the long journey and at the some time store their baggage as well.
  •  40 Seater Bus – The largest vehicle of our fleet, we can provide transport for entire companies heading for a D&D Event, Family Day or Major Exhibition. When traveling in a big group, it may be hard to keep around together on the public transport, that is why booking a larger bus is normally a more convenient option.


Rentalorry provides some of the most competitive prices in Singapore. Whether you are looking for a vehicle rental or a passenger transport service, our years of experience in the industry coupled with our good customer service will definitely make your experience with us an enjoyable one.