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Vehicle Rentals

Full range of passenger trucks available for rental

Rent the vehicle to drive them yourself. You have a whole range of passenger trucks of different sizes.

Delivery Service

Passenger Van Transport Service

Let our drivers take care of all the driving while you get to enjoy the sights and sounds of Singapore.

Have relatives or friends visiting Singapore and need bigger vehicle for everyone? Or do you have an important corporate event or conference where you need to provide transport for your guests. Then the passenger truck rentals at Rentalorry will be just the solution for you. Rent the vehicle to drive it by yourself of make use of our drivers so that you don’t have to worry about insurance and experience problems.

Uses & Benefits

When transporting larger groups of people, it is important that you use the right vehicle to get the job done. Our passenger trucks come in a variety of sizes, from the smaller 7-seater trucks to the larger 15-seater trucks, you will be able to find the right vehicle with ample seats and space so that everyone can travel comfortably.

How Does Our Transport Service Work

Per Hour

If you wish to book the trucks for sightseeing around Singapore or go to more than a single destination, this would be a better choice for you. Our rates go from $40/hour onwards depending on the size of the passenger truck which you require.

Per Trip

If you only required to transport people from one point to another, make use of our cheap and cost effective per trip rentals to save yourself some money. We calculate the rates based on distance so contact us if you wish to get a quotation.

Why Choose Rentalorry?

Our main aim is to provide convenience for our customers. And that is why we not only have passenger trucks in a variety of sizes, we also have a variety of passenger vans to suit different purposes. From shuttle vans to luxury vans, we are one of the few one stop portals in Singapore that are able to provide such a diverse range of vehicles.

We also understand that having a licensed driver to handle these vehicles for you is challenging as well so our passenger truck rental services also come with a driver. This reduces the hassle of you having to find a experienced and reliable driver.