Our Services

Mover Service

Movers moving a cabinet

Require movers with your one way panel van rental? We have quality movers that can wrap and pack your stuff for you.

Transport Service

Van rental with driver to assist with transportation

The transport service provides a driver to pilot the vehicle for you. Labor will only be provided upon request and with additional charges.

Panel Vans are often smaller than a lorry or truck and are normally used for the transportation of lighter loads. Our panel van rental one way services are present to support clients with temporary logistics and transportation support and during exhibitions and events where additional vehicles are needed for a few days. With these one way van rental services, you need not worry about having to return the vehicle as our drivers will handle all the driving for you.

Vehicle Advantages

Variable and Diverse

We have a wide variety of panel vans to support different functions. Depending on what our clients are required to transport, we will make recommendations on the vehicle required. For example, the most suitable load compartment volume, maximum gross vehicle weight, payload or even the additional equipment that need to be attached to transport more fragile belongings.


Safety is of the utmost importance for our customers, that is why our vans come equipped with Electronic Stability Programs and many other features to ensure our customers stay safe when using our vehicles. In addition, the vehicles are regularly maintained by our own team of service crew to ensure that they are always in tip top condition and ready to hit the road when needed.


Premium Services

Aside from our helpful and well trained customer service officers, our team of maintenance crew also work tirelessly to ensure that the vehicles are fully functional and are ready to hit the road every single time. In addition, if you do require a driver, we also offer drivers for hire whom are highly experienced and qualified. Our drivers have years of experience under their belt and know Singapore like the back of their hands. They can easily get you to your destination and sometimes even quicker than usual by using a few shortcuts. In addition, we also have a team of professional movers that can help you with your moving if you require an additional pair of hands.

Competitive Prices

With all the rental websites available, we understand that it may sometimes be quite tiring to keep comparing prices to find the better deal. That is why at Rentalorry, we try to keep our prices low so that you can find the best deal right here. With one of the larges fleet of commercial vehicles in Singapore, we are able to keep prices low with our economies of scale.