Our Services

Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of truck available for rental

The panel trucks rental services are suitable for both short term and long term periods.

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

Need the help of some movers with your rental? Our team of movers can assist you.

Delivery Service

Transportation and delivery service of small to medium packages

Rentalorry can utilize our very own fleet of panel trucks and vans to provide delivery services.

Panel trucks are the perfect vehicle for cargo delivery, whether its furniture or household goods. This is because it has a fully enclosed body with no windows in the rear cargo. Normally smaller in size as compared to the cargo trucks, the panel trucks typically make delivering cargo more convenient. Rentalorry provides panel truck rental services which will definitely satisfy your needs. You can choose from our fleet if different sized and well-maintained panel trucks to end your transportation woes.

Benefits & Advantages


With a spacious rear cargo compartment, a panel truck is designed for delivery purposes. It will be able to accommodate your cargo comfortably. So carry out your deliveries in our penal truck and spare yourself the trouble of having to squeeze your goods into your car and risk having your car and goods damaged!

Cost Effective

Larger capacity for cargo equates to having to make less trips. Instead of having to make multiple trips when using a van or a car due to insufficient space, you can load all your goods into the panel truck and make your delivery in one shot, saving you significant fuel cost.

Why Rent From Rentalorry

Cheap & Convenient

Due to the wide range of partnerships that we have established, you can pick up a vehicle at any location close to your home or business. In addition, our rental cost highly affordable as well! The flexible rental packages will cater to your needs, so you will only have to pay for the service you require. For cheaper and more affordable alternatives, you can also take a look at the one way panel van rentals.

No Hidden Charges

We will try our best to explain every single detail of the rental to you so that you fully understand the terms and conditions won’t be surprised by extra charges after returning the panel trucks.