Brand new or used pallet trucks for rental

The pallet truck rental services are suitable for long term and short term operations. We have both brand new and used pallet trucks.

It can be quite a chore to move goods around the warehouse, especially when the job needs to be done quickly. In situations like this, a pallet truck would make moving your goods so much faster and easier! Use the pallet trucks to lift your goods instead of manually handling them. We have pallet truck rentals available for both short term and long term periods. Contact us to get a quotation!

What Is a Pallet Truck?

A pallet truck is a tool that is used to lift wooden pallets. Goods can be placed on these pallets, such as materials used at construction sites or cargo at warehouses, and can be easily shifted from place to place.

Another series of pallet trucks known as the electric pallet trucks are more commonly used for heavier stacks of pallets.


Using a pallet truck to move your cargo around the warehouse brings about numerous benefits:

Makes Moving And Loading Faster And More Efficient

With pallets, it’s easier to move your goods around and load them onto the delivery trucks as compared to moving them by hand. This is crucial for businesses to meet their delivery times punctually.

Ensures The Safety Of Your Workers

This reduces the possibility of your workers hurting themselves when moving the heavy goods, making the workplace a safer place to work in.

Results In More Organized Storage Of Goods

When placed on pallets, it is definitely much easier to organize your goods in your warehouse. This helps to use the limited space more efficiently and also makes it easier to locate specific goods when they are ready to be deployed


Working with many partners and forklift rental companies, we have access to a huge fleet of pallet trucks. This enables us to easily source out the cheapest and best deal for our clients. This also saves you the trouble of having to contact numerous rental companies. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to speak to our friendly customer service officers to find out how you can hire our pallet trucks!