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We have a combination of boxed lorries, canopy lorries and lorry mounted with cranes to assist you with the transportation.


Fleet of vans available for rental

Choose from our range of cargo vans, passenger vans, catering vans or ice-cream vans the right van to move your load.


The open loading area is suited for items that are tall and cannot typically fit into a lorry or van.


Suited for the transportation of larger and heavier cargo, the trucks are the largest of our fleet.

Need a larger vehicle to simply transport your items from one place to another? Or just require a transport to make a quick delivery ? Rentalorry’s one way transport services should be just right for you!

With Rentalorry’s single way trips, you need only state the pick up and drop off point, type of vehicle you require and we will settle the transportation for you! It is that simple! Our driver will then pick you up on the desired date and time and bring you to your destination swiftly and safely.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

very helpful and fast. well done guys. good update on status as the day was delay by rain but better late then never.

Victor NgSingapore

Rented a van at 14.00. It arrived at 15.45. The service was great, no hassle, quick and effective. The driver was very nice as well and could tag along for ride together with my girlfriend. All in all an effective service for a good price!

Daniel ScavoPhilippines

Great service, hassle-free experience! I used to have to call up a bunch of lorry companies until I found Rentalorry. Super convenient. Highly recommended.

Roger ChangSingapore

Features & Benefits


With our one way transport, you no longer need to worry about travelling to a far off location to pick up the vehicle and much less having to return it! No more having to pay extra cost for not topping up the fuel because with our single way transport, our driver will take care of this for you.

Wide Variety of Vehicles

Depending on what items you will be moving, we have a large variety of vehicles for your to choose from. From Lorries to Trucks to Pickups or Vans, select the vehicle which can best match your needs.

Additional Help

Along with our one way transport, we can also provide additional assistance to assist you with your moving. Let us know before hand if you require some assistance or even a trolley and we would be glad to provide that for you

One Way Transport Rates

One Way Transport Pricing
Vehicle TypePer Trip (within 2 hours)Every Additional Hour
Cargo Van$100$50
10 ft Lorry$100$50
14 ft Lorry With Tailgate$150$75
24 ft Lorry With Tailgate$180$90

* Transport cost does not include parking and ERP charges.