Our Services

Mover Service

Movers moving a cabinet

Need help transporting your equipment and good with the one way pickup rental service? We have movers ready to assist you!

Delivery Service

Friendly delivery guy delivering package

Only need a driver with the one way pickup rental service? Our driver can handling the vehicle for you while you can do the loading and unloading.

Finding it too troublesome to return the rented pickup after you have used it? Or is the return point too far away from your final destination? Then our one way pickup rental is the best option for people wish to save time and money.

Advantages Of One Way Pickup Rentals

Save Money

Instead of making a two way trip to deliver your goods and then drive the pickup back to its original point, you can leave it at a certain location and we can collect the lorry for you. This allows you to save money because of the lesser rental hours as well as on the fuel because you do not have to make unnecessary trips.

Save Time

If your final destination is far away from your original rental location, we help you save time by not requiring you to drive back the vehicle and being able to drop it off at some where which is more convenient for us and you. Our key drop off boxes can be found at many locations and allow you to return your keys after operation hours as well.

Why Choose Rentalorry

Wide Variety

We have a wide variety of vehicles under the one way rental scheme. From one way van rentals to one way cargo van rentals, our large variety of vehicles helps support your different functions, be it driving across Singapore or business purposes.

Lower Rental Rates

Flexibility comes with a premium. The rates charged are a premium above rentals like the normal cheap pickup rentals because we need to factor in the cost of picking up the vehicles and also driving them back to our office. However, because we are able to efficiently manage our fleet of pickups and other commercial vehicles so well, we are able to charge one of the lowest rates in Singapore so do take advantage of our lower rental rates!

Well-Maintained Vehicles & Good Service

Because we have an experienced team of professional mechanics constantly servicing and maintaining the pickups, our pickups are extremely reliable and road worthy. At Rentalorrywe also pride ourselves with the high level of customer service that we are able to provide for our clients. We offer 24/7 customer service just in case you need any assistance from us. In addition, our customer staff and friendly and ever willing to help you with your queries.

Related Services

Our one way services are not only available for our pickups but a few of our other services as well. The determining factor would be the items that you would like to move. Check out the list of services below to find out more about the other vans that we provide.

  • One way cargo van rental – For the transportation of cargo that only requires a single trip.
  • Moving van rental one way – Specially for home or office relocation, the moving vans are able to transport your furniture or equipment safely to your destination