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Mover Service

Movers moving a cabinet

Use our full service movers together with your one way moving truck rental to make relocation a quicker and easier process.

Transport Service

Quick and efficient one way truck rental delivery services

The transport service provides a moving truck with driver to assist you with the driving. Simple and easy rentals!

Searching for a one way moving truck rental service? Then you have come to the right place. Rentalorry provides quick and efficient truck rental services that are only a click away. With this sort of convenience, it is hard to find anything better. Choose from our wide range of trucks the best one to suit your needs.

Customer Reviews

The one way truck that we booked arrived on time. Even though we thought the 15 min loading time would be quite tight, there was actually more than enough time for us to load up all our belongings. The driver was professional and friendly and didn’t cause any problems.

Charlotte Ku

We needed a light truck to transport our washing machine and fridge. We requested for some movers to assist us with the moving. They were quick and efficient and really made the moving process a lot quicker than we expected. Good job!

Pamela Tan

Benefits Of A One Way Moving Truck Rental

Flexible Packages

Depending on what type of service you require, you can either book our full service movers or choose the transport service and book by trip or per hour. We try to include various packages to suit various budgets so that customers do not need to spend a bomb when booking a one way moving truck.

Allocation Of Drivers

Our experienced drivers will be able to deliver the vehicles straight to your doorstep so you need not worry about the pickup locations of the vehicle or travel to some far end part of Singapore to pick up the vehicle. In addition, our driver will handle all the driving for you so that when you are done with your moving, you need not worry about refuelling the vehicle or returning it to our office. It is that convenient!

Additional Moving Services

If you do need extra hands to assist you with your home or office relocation, we have professional furniture movers on hand to properly wrap up and pack your items so that your precious belongings are not damaged along the way and arrive at your desired destination safely and soundly. Whether our services are used for home or office relocation, our movers and well equipped to handle all these sort of furniture.

Moving Consultancy Services

Unsure of your transportation requirements? Fret not! Our friendly service consultants are just a phone call away! Our experienced consultants will be able to provide you with information on the best moving truck to choose and advice with no cost. Tell us your concerns and we will assist you to the best that we can.


With our large fleet of commercial vehicles, we are able to offer flexible rental packages that is customised to your unique needs. We serve to provide you with the best vehicle and solution to fit your budget and needs. From the transportation of goods and products to the moving of passengers, we provide you with a range of vehicles from light trucks to vans.

We provide you with the most reasonable rental rates and we use the most reliable and experience drivers. With a variety of transportation vehicles to choose from, we represent a one-stop station to fulfil any transportation needs that you might have. We are road-worthy, and also environmental worthy as we take pride in fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.