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Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of Lorries

Need the van only for a day? Rentalorry provides some of the best prices in Singapore. Contact us today!

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

Need a van together with some movers and packers for a day? Our movers and packers and professional and friendly!

Transport Service

Transportation and delivery service of small to medium packages

Require a driver together with your one day van rental? Bookings at Rentalorry can be made quickly and easily.

Have an errand to run that you only need a one day van rental service? At Rentalorry, we may have just the right vehicle for you. With one of the largest fleets of vehicles in Singapore, we have a larger variety of vans for you to choose from. Choose from our range of flexible packages and services the best one to meet your needs.

Cargo Vans

One of the more common purposes for renting a van for single day is to either transport goods or relocation purposes. Be it office relocation or home relocation, we have vans or commercial vehicles to support your transportation needs. Based on our experience with helping clients with their relocation, here are some pointers to take note when thinking about what vans to rent:

Amount of Cargo

The amount of cargo you intend to transport would determine what size of van would be appropriate. In order to save time (and be more environmentally friendly) getting the right sized van would reduce the number of trips you need to make.

Size Of Cargo

During relocation, considering the size of the cargo is important as well. The vans are typically suitable for transporting small to medium boxes, cabinets, office tables and chairs and queen sized mattresses. If you have larger cargo or items, it is suggested that you use a bigger vehicle.

Passenger Vans

Quite often when you are travelling in a larger group, a personal car or SUV may not be that suitable. Instead of travelling in too many cars, a cheap passenger van may be a better option. Travelling together is sometimes as important as the destination on a holiday and only a van can allow around to huddle together on a vehicle and travel together. Here are some of the features of our vans which make people keep coming back to us:

GPS Systems

Equipping of the GPS systems would allow you to better navigate through Singapore or even if you are travelling towards Malaysia. Using a GPS would show prevent you from getting lost and allow you to reach your destination more safely

Entertainment Systems

We have DVD players and Karaoke systems installed on some of the vans to enhance your travelling experience with our vans.


Our vehicles are well maintained and serviced to ensure their reliability on the road. We have our own crew of maintenance guys to ensure that the vehicles and regularly checked and ready to serve our clients and customers when needed. If you are not familiar with handling a van and require a driver, we also have safe and reliable drivers who have years of experience under your belt. These drivers would be able to advice you on the best route to your destination, be it in Singapore or Malaysia and may even be able to avoid certain heavy traffic areas so that you have a more enjoyable trip.