Office Relocation

Office furniture packed and ready for the movers to transport

Rentalorry’s office furniture movers are equipped with the right skills and equipment to help you quickly shift to your new office so that there is minimal disruption to your business.

For offices, moving and relocation can be a big project due to the sheer number of items and furniture that needs to be moved, not to mention the additional office appliances and working stations that needs relocation as well. Office furniture movers are thus employed in these cases to help ease the job of our customers in this aspect. Want to get a quote for your office moving and relocation? Just contact our staff through email or phone and we would be glad to set up a site quotation for you.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

The movers from Rentalorry came down to our place to do a site quotation and their price was one of the most reasonable. We chose to go with them because they were really professional and friendly and broke down exactly what they would be doing in the invoice. Everything was moved smoothly, we would definitely use their services again.

Denzel Chia

Rentalorry was referred to us by another company. They had carried out and office moving for them and they only had good feedback to share. When it was our turn for moving day, the movers were punctual and really efficient. We mainly had tables and chairs to move and they packed it really quickly into the truck without any problems. At the new office, everything was set up fairly quickly as well. No damages whatsoever, would definitely use their services again.

Keith Marker

Office Moving Checklist

  • Empty Your Drawers – One of the simplest and most basic tips that you can exercise. Emptying your drawers and cabinets not only give you the opportunity to clean up these corners, they also make moving a lot easier! Even if the drawers are tightly locked, the contents within the drawers and cabinets may still shift while moving making it extremely unstable and also harder to carry. Documents from filing cabinets should be packed neatly into boxes. Nearer to moving day, boxes should also be handed out to employees to help them pack up their belongings so that these office furniture can be moved easily by the office furniture movers.
  • Label EVERYTHING – We are not joking when we say this. Label every side of the box and every single box to make unpacking easy. The more specific you can get with the labels the better! Boxes with documents can be labeled “Cabinet 1 – First Shelf” and this would make unpacking a breeze at your new office. Larger furniture can also be labeled with their new location so that the office movers know where to place the items and no additional work is required.
  • Hire Professional Movers – One way to know whether the moves you hire are qualified or not is whether they come down to do a site quotation for you. Only by conducting a site quotation will the movers be able to accurately gauge the amount of manpower and equipment required. This is especially important for office relocation because there is a lot more furniture involved.
  • Make A Floor Plan – Before the move is even conducted, take the time to visit your new office so that you know where all the desks, photocopiers, printers and computers will go. Briefing the movers in advance will allow them to work more efficiently and effectively. You will also save time by not having to move the items again because the professional commercial movers will do it for you.
  • DIY Steps – If you want to save some money on your relocation, you can consider dismantling some of the furniture beforehand. Unbolting some of the furniture would not only save the movers a lot of time, it would also save you quite a bit of money.


Experienced & Professional

Our office furniture movers have more than 20 years of experience in the office moving industry. We have transported small desktop computers to large servers and we are confident of handling all sorts of office relocation.

Competitive Rates

We understand that moving can be a tiresome and frustrating experience if you don’t hire that right people. On the other hand, it can also be quite expensive to hire the best office movers. That is why we always recommend a site quotation to our clients. By knowing exactly what work is involved, we are able to provide professional but cheap officer moving services.