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Using a multi passenger van to start your own transport of shuttle service? The leasing package from Rentalorry would definitely suit your needs best!

Transport Service

Passenger Van Transport Service

Travel around in big groups without have to worry about parking or knowing the route because we can do all of that for you.

Multi passenger van rental services provide just the right type of vans for transportation of people for a variety of purposes. Depending on the number of passengers you are transporting and the “class” of vehicle you require, we have a full range of passenger vans for you to select from.

With the many benefits to renting a van, you can see why most people use van as a means of transportation when they need to cater to a larger crowd or a larger group of people. Of course, if the group is too big, sometimes a bus would be more appropriate. But at Rentalorry, we provide the best rentals for budget passenger van rentals.

Customer Reviews

The multi passenger van was exactly what we were looking for. The maxi cab was spacious enough for 13 people and was extremely clean and comfortable too. Thanks!

Jeremiah Lee

We have been leasing the passenger vans from Rentalorry for a year now. Their vans and reliable and they also provide very thorough servicing and that is what we like about working with them.

Min Lee

Range Of Vehicles

7 Seater Van Rental

This 5 door vehicle is suitable for 7 passengers and 2 pieces of luggage. The air conditioned van if perfect for family trips and comes fully equipped with a GPS system

8 Seater Van Rental

A van suitable for 8 passengers and 4 pieces of baggage. You can make a more impressive entrance with this stylish and sleek vans.

9 Seater Van Rental

This spacious and large vehicle is able to cater up to 9 passengers comfortably. In addition to the passengers, the van can also fit another 8 pieces of luggage. The vehicle also comes fully air conditioned and is suitable for larger groups.

15 Seater Van Rental

The van is suitable for group ranging from 12 – 15 people. The 4 door vehicle is able to store up to 12 pieces of baggage and comes fully air-conditioned.


Safe & Experienced Drivers

We carefully select our drivers and make sure they are safe and reliable as we understand that some people may not be familiar with driving a larger passenger van and may find it a challenge. Our drivers have thousands of miles driving the vans under their belt and will definitely be able to get you to your destination safely

Reliable Vehicles

We aim to regularly update our fleet of vehicles to ensure that they are serviceable and reliable. Our maintenance teams also keep a close watch of the vehicles to make sure that they go through their routine servicing. All these is done to ensure that the vehicles and ready for use once they hit the road.

Competitive Rental Rates

Because our vehicles are regularly maintained, they have lesser down time and can be employed efficiently. We are thus able to pass this cost savings on to our clients to provide one of the most competitive vehicle rental rates in Singapore.