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Mover Service

Movers moving a cabinet

Movers will help you wrap and pack all your items in our moving van and transport them to your destination quickly and efficiently.

Transport Service

Friendly delivery guy delivering package

Have your own helpers and only need the moving van? Then our drivers will deliver the vehicle to your point and help you drive it to your destination.

Moving van rentals allow you to pack up your furniture and belongings at a snap and completely move across Singapore to your new place quickly and simply. No matter where the new location is, getting all of the things from your old house into your new house can sometimes be a difficult endeavor without a proper vehicle. Use our special purpose moving vans to make your relocation quick, easy and totally stress-free!

Common Uses

Home Relocation

Some people attempt to use their own personal car, or SUVs during the moving process. They do get the job done, but sometimes it can take a few strenuous days and the furniture or equipment may even damage the soft leather interiors of their own cars.

This is when renting a moving van becomes a necessity. When it comes to renting a moving van to help transport all of your belongings into your new place, you can either only rent a moving van (you can usually pick what size van you need) or you can rent a moving van and hire the people as well to help you transport your belongings safely and efficiently.

The reduce the stress further, our services can be tailored to your own budget. From the packing of delicate and fragile household items to dismantling and assembling bulky furniture. We all provide all the appropriate packing equipment for you.

Office Relocation

With efficiency and accuracy, our aim is to reduce disruption to your business and relocate all your office furniture and documents as swiftly as possible. The moves can be conducted after working hours or even over the weekends. This will ensure that you will be able to continue running your business without too many stoppages. In the event where you do require a temporary storage space, that can be arranged as well.

It would also be best to let our staff know the items that you are transporting, then we can assign the right vehicle for you. If the moving vans are too small, we can also utilize our moving trucks.


With our years of experience in the transportation industry, you understand the many needs and concerns that our clients have. For example, using box vans instead of the typical open top lorries or canopy lorries because this provides added protection for the furniture in the event of bad weather which may cause stains on mattresses and also wooden furniture. It is with this knowledge and experience that we are able to give our clients a more smooth and enjoyable moving experience.

At Rentalorry, we also provide one of the most competitive rates for the renting of moving vans alone, or the hiring of the professional movers as well. Because we are one the largest moving van rental companies in Singapore, we are able to efficiently use our economies of scale to reduce cost for our clients. In addition, we have no hidden charges for the premium service that we provide and that is why our customers are always happy and contented with us.

At the same time, our vehicles have to undergo regularly servicing so when they are being rented, they hardly breakdown and are always ready to serve our customers and our clients.

Other Alternatives

Saving time and effort is not the only benefit of renting a moving van. Like most of the larger moving van companies, we also allow one way moves. This way, you can move absolutely anywhere that you want to and be able to easily return the moving van in which you rented with no problems or complications. It is as simple as moving to your new home, removing your belongings from the back of the van then putting them inside of your new home, then simply driving the moving van to one of the appropriate buildings or garages to return it whenever you are done with it.