Rentalorry has a full range of moving services that you can choose from. Our flexible packages are meant to suit any budget so select from our packages the best one to suit your needs. Some of the more popular moving van rental services include the:

Transport Only

The one way moving van rental is suitable for people who are transporting simple items like mattresses, small to medium boxes, office chairs and small cabinets. You will need to provide you own manpower but our drivers can provide an additional helping hand at a separate charge.

  • Hourly Rental
    Per Hour (Min. 2 hours)
  • Simple Transport
    From Point A to Point B

Full Service Movers

In order to provide the best prices for our customers, we require pictures of the items that you will need our movers help. This is so that we can accurately gauge how much manpower is required and also prepare the necessary equipment. Send us pictures of the items that need to be moved and we will provide you with our best quote.