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Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of different sized trucks available for rental

Rentalorry has a large range of 10f, 14ft and 24ft trucks available for rental. Contact us now to get the best rates!

Delivery Service

Friendly delivery guy delivering package

We also have a team of professionals ready to assist with your moving and delivery requests. Provide more information to get a quote!

Looking to rent a truck for a few months to support an additional project? Rentalorry has a wide variety of trucks for monthly rental that should be able to meet your needs. Whether it is a simple vehicle rental service or a contract delivery service, we have a variety of rental packages that can be tailored to meet your needs. Contact us and provide us with more information so that we can give you a quote!

Benefits & Features

Types Of Vehicles

From refrigerated trucks to smaller scale light trucks, we have a wide variety of trucks for rental. We are able to do this because of our wide partnerships with a majority of the rental companies in Singapore.


With the tightening of manpower, it is now harder to find drivers as well. If you do require the assistance of truck drivers for your projects, we will try our best to allocate one of our very own drivers to you. Our drivers are well trained and experienced and would definitely be able to support your operations.

Replacement Vehicles

When running a business, having a vehicle that is operational is very important as there are errands to run every day. That is why we understand that it is important to get a replacement vehicle when your very own vehicle breaks down. As part of our service, Rentalorry will try our best to get your vehicle replaced or fixed as soon as possible.


With our wide network of rental companies, we try our best to provide the most competitive monthly rental rates for our clients. But of course, the longer the rental period, the lower the prices. Aside from the low prices, our customers continue to stick with us because of the exceptional services that we provide as well as our after sales service.

Rentalorry not only provides monthly truck rental services, we also have a wide range do trucks for daily rental. If you do need additional trucks for a certain project or job, we would be glad to assist you as well.