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Fleet Of White Passenger Vans

Rent the luxury vans over the weekends for simple trips and excursions around Singapore. We provide daily as well as weekend rental packages.

Transport Service

Passenger Van Transport Service

Don’t have a valid license? Our luxury van rental service with drivers would be just right for you. Our drivers are friendly and experienced.

Our luxury van rentals let you travel in class, style and comfort. If you need transport for a corporate event or just feel like travelling comfortably up north to Malaysia for a short getaway then we have the perfect vehicle for you at Rentalorry

Customer Reviews

It was our first time in Singapore and we were afraid that we would not be able to find out way around Singapore. The driver that we got was really friendly and tried his best to talk to me and my family. We have a really enjoyable trip to Singapore.

Teddy Pike

We rented a van because we had a group of elderly and kids and wanted to travel to Malaysia for the weekend. The driver was friendly and punctual.

Jared Tan

We have been searching around for a reliable transportation service for awhile. Rentalorry provides affordable transport service. We will continue to work with them.

Jamie Koh

Specially Customized Vans

  • Sleek Furnishings – We specially customize our vans so the interiors have nice leather seats and other sleek furnishings to ensure that you can travel in comfort and style. The seats are also well polished and maintained to make it feel like they are brand new.
  • Entertainment Systems – The high-tech entertainment systems allow you to play DVDs or watch movies along the way. You can use them to either keep yourself entertained, or use it to entertain your clients.
  • Larger Leg Room – To make the journey more comfortable, we have also customized our vans to allow for larger leg room for the passengers. Some of our vans are arranged such that there is more space for you to recline the seats as well. This is especially important if you are going to spend a long time in the van.

The luxury vans comes in a variety of sizes and depending of the number of passengers you are travelling with, it would be good to pick something that is appropriate. In addition to that, we understand that sometimes our clients want to take away the hassle of driving the van around or having to look for a good parking spot as they want to enjoy themselves. With that in mind, we also cater for chauffeurs if you require them.


Our chauffeurs are well trained and experienced. The know the Singapore roads well and will be able to get you to your destination quickly and efficiently. If you have any special request like having a driver who knows Malaysia well, just let us know and we will try to provide one for you. But of course, these drivers and normally in high demand so be sure to reserve early.

The competitive rental rates that we provide also ensure that our clients get the most value. For the premium services that we offer, Rentalorry has one of the lowest rental rates in town. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! So contact us now to find out more about the promotions we offer. If you are unsure what sort of vehicle is suitable, you can also seek the assistance of our customer services staff, they will be glad to assist you.

The vans can be rented for any period you desire. Because we understand that everyone may have different needs, we have a variety of many different rental schemes to cater to the different needs. From renting for a few hours for you to travel to a specific function to renting the van for a week for corporate events and exhibitions.

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