Our Services

Hourly Rentals

Fleet of Lorries

Only require the lorry for a few hours? This service is just right for you. Flexible timings and rental periods available.

One Way Transport

Our drivers will pick you up at the pick-up point and send you to your destination. Simple and super easy.

Long Term Delivery

Transportation and delivery service of small to medium packages

We are able to provide contract delivery services over longer periods of time. Let us know what you require.

Lorry rental with drivers are especially useful when you need a larger sized vehicle for transportation of goods but do not have the necessary license to operate it. At Rentalorry let us know what you need and our capable and reliable drivers will be ever ready to assist you. Our lorry drivers are well trained and well equipped to assist you and make your moving experience a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Drivers from Rentalorry have years of experience and attend regular training to ensure they maintain the required safety standards. In order to deliver good quality service to our clients, those that are involved in crane operations are also required to attend training regularly to polish their skills and knowledge.

Customer Reviews

I booked a 10 ft lorry in the morning and they arrived punctually in the afternoon to do the delivery. The driver and assistant were really helpful. Would definitely use their service again.

Jasper Tan

Needed to rent a lorry for our charity event, Charlotte was very nice in helping us with the planning and trying to meet our demands. Enjoyed working with them, will use them for future events.

Wei Song

Needed just a single trip to move out fridge and washing machine. The movers were really professional and wrapped everything up nicely. Arrived at our new place a lot earlier than we expected. Efficient and good.

Hayley Fong

Why Hire A Driver?

Familiar With The Roads

Being on the road more often is part of their job and as our drivers have years or experience handling the lorries and deliveries, the are extremely familiar with the roads in Singapore. With this knowledge, they are able to transport your goods more quickly and efficiently around Singapore through the small roads and even through shortcuts. Ultimately, this saves our clients time and money from their lorry rental.

Experienced & Well-Trained

Some of the specialized equipment like the mobile lorry cranes require professional licenses to operate. Our drivers are trained and certified to handle this equipment so that they can safely and soundly transport your precious goods. As they are experienced with moving cargo as well, delicate equipment like generators can be moved and transported easily with our lorries.

Safer On The Roads

If you are unfamiliar with driving a manual lorry, sometimes the task can be quite daunting. In addition, because the lorries are longer in length and wider in width, you judgement may not be as accurate when making sharp turns. To reduce the possibility of damaging the vehicle and paying additional costs to repair the vehicle, our drivers are here you. They bear full responsibility for the vehicle and you need not worry if anything goes wrong.

Past Activities & Jobs

  • Events and Exhibitions
  • IT Shows
  • Marathons
  • Relocation for Private and Commercial Properties
  • Disposal Services

Related Services

Aside from lorries, we also provide other forms of services which include drivers. If you require a van for instance, we do provide van rentals with drivers. Our drivers are trained and experienced and are able to provide specialized delivery services in this area.

Search no further! If you are looking for a Lorry rental with driver for any of these events then Rentalorry is just the right company for you. With our competitive rental rates and outstanding services, you will soon find out why were are one of the top commercial vehicle rental companies in Singapore.