Depending on the size of the lorry and the type of service you need, we have a variety of packages that are affordable and can suit different budgets. Check out the lorry rental rates below or visit the commercial vehicle rental rates pages to find out more about the prices for alternative vehicles.

Vehicle Rentals

Prices for the  lorry rentals vary for weekly, monthly or yearly time periods. Drop us an email so that we can provide you with a competitive quotation for the lorry of your choice. You can find the daily rates below:

  • 10 ft Lorry
  • 14 ft Lorry

For weekends, there is a minimum of 3 days rental for our vehicles. If you only require the vehicle for a few hours, a cheaper and better alternative would be our lorry rental with driver service.


In order to provide competitive and accurate quotations for your moving services, it would be best to let us know the items that you need our movers help. Email or whatsapp us pictures of the items that you need our movers and packers help with and we can provide you a quotation.

For office movers, we will normally send our guys down to do a site inspection so that we can get an idea of how challenging the relocation will be and whether we need any special equipment to carry out the moving. From there, our staff will let you know our rates before we carry out the moving.

One Way Transport

Rentalorry’s one way transport services is the one way lorry rental service. This transport service is available either by the hour or by trip. If you need to only transport your cargo from Point A to Point B, a single trip is normally quite sufficient. However, if you need to visit multiple destinations, we normally recommend hiring the lorry by the hour as that is more cost effective.

One Way Transport Pricing
Vehicle TypePer Trip (within 2 hours)Every Additional Hour
10 ft Lorry$100$50
14 ft Lorry With Tailgate$150$75
24 ft Lorry With Tailgate$180$90

* Transport cost does not include parking and ERP charges.

Terms & Conditions

Per TripPer Hour
Loading time is 15 mins eachMin of 2 hours required per booking