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Fixed monthly leasing rates for our rental services. Includes all maintenance and insurance fees.

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Delivery services available for all sizes of lorries, contact us to get a quotation!

Lorry contract hire is a form of vehicle leasing agreement where new lorries can be leased with a fixed monthly payment. In other words, hirers use the lorry for a specific fixed period of time without ownership of the vehicle. The type of vehicle, length of the contract and expected annual mileage will be decided by hirers and at the end of the contract, hirers return the lorry to the leasing company. Rentalorry has one of the most affordable lorry rental services in Singapore so contact us now to get a quote.

Benefits Or Lorry Contract Hire Services

Lorry contract hire is one of our most popular financing option for commercial vehicle due to:

  • Reduced Administration from not having to deal with buying, maintenance and sale of vehicles
  • No capital outlay or responsibilities of ownership
  • Removes associated risk of vehicle ownership such as depreciation and maintenance
  • Easy to monitor and manage
  • Budgetary control is gained from a fixed monthly payment amount, allowing you to free up essential capital for further investment elsewhere.

How Am I Charged For A Contract Hire Lorry?

The monthly payment is dependent on the difference between the retail value of the lorry and the residual value of the lorry at the end of the contract. This would be estimated from the depreciation, mileage and condition of the lorry at the end of the period.


Our company is able to provide one of the best prices because we are one of the largest commercial vehicle rental agency in Singapore. With the massive number of companies under of wing, we are able to compare the rates for the particular date or period that you require a vehicle. In this way, you need not have to constantly call up all the rental companies you know when searching for a good vehicle to rent. The rental process is also smoother with us because we will help you check the availability of the vehicle you want with our supplier. With one of the largest fleet of vehicles combined, it would be have to disappoint you.

In addition, if you do business with us, you get access to a wide range of financing options as well as premium customer service. Even though we try to keep cost low for you,  we nevertheless still want to make sure that you enjoy your rental experience with you. Contact us if you here any queries or if you have used our services before, do leave us a feedback and let us know how we are doing.

Alternate Services

If you require an experienced driver to assist you with your logistical operations, we also have a lorry rental with driver service. Our drivers will take care of all the deliveries and operations so that you can focus on the other parts of your business.