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Rentalorry has cargo vans and passenger vans available for long term rental. Contact us today to get a quotation!

Delivery Service

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Using our very own fleet of vans, we can support your logistic operations. Let us know what you require to get a quote!

We specialize in offering value for money long term van rentals on a flexible basis for different rental periods. We have a large fleet for hire — so if you are a Fleet Manager or need a temporary vehicle for individual purposes, we have the solution to suit your requirements.

When To Use Long Term Van Rentals

  • New businesses
  • Trial or temporary staff
  • Project work
  • Seasonal work
  • Temporary vehicles whilst awaiting the delivery of your van
  • Reducing fleet costs
  • Reducing and controlling capital expenditure
  • Projecting an up to date and modern image

Vehicle transport is essential to a wide variety of businesses. From transporting manpower to delivering goods, the need and demand for a good long term van rental package cannot be emphasized enough. Long term leases are increasingly being used as a complement to short term van rentals as they allow companies to obtain these vehicle at cheaper costs. The shorter term rentals allow you the flexibility of returning them as and when you do not need them but the longer term rentals allows companies to manage their transportation costs more effectively.

Our long term van rental options are open to any motoring van of your choice. Under long term rental schemes, we have a large variety of vehicles for your to select from. From the basic passenger vans to the more specialized wheelchair friendly vans, all these vehicles can be rented over longer periods of time.  On the other spectrum are of course the commercial vans which are more suited for serving business operations. However, rental of all these vehicles would definitely be subject to availability. Whether you are looking start a business, move furniture or are an enterprise manager requiring an extra van, Rentalorry will be able to help you.

Benefits Of Rentalorry’s Services

  • Minimum cash outlay
  • No long term commitments
  • Flexible van rental program
  • Reduce expenditure on fleet
  • Drive the newest and most efficient vans from different manufacturers
  • Improve on company image
  • No problems with van disposal

In addition to all the benefits stated above, we can safely say that we have one of the most competitive rates in Singapore. Because we use high tech equipment to manage our fleet of vehicles, our efficiency reduces vehicle downtime and maximizes the utility. As such, we are able to pass on these cost savings to our clients.

Here at Rentalorry, cost will not be a problem. Regardless what you need a van for, there are plenty of options available to suit your specifications. You can choose from a variety of prices and sizes to come up with best combination for you. Go ahead, search through our selection of toys and find what van entices you the most and contact us now!