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Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of different sized trucks available for rental

Rentalorry has a large range of trucks available under the long term truck rental service. Find out our attractive rates right here.

Delivery Service

Friendly delivery guy delivering package

Using our very own fleet of trucks and drivers, we can carry out long term deliveries to assist you with your delivery operations.

For the long term truck rentals at Rentalorry, we provide truck rentals for both commercial and individual purposes. We understand that clients who run a business often require trucks for long term use to support their logistic operations and because a car or a van will not be as efficient, trucks are often the best solution. As such, we have flexible and customizable rental packages that allow you to rent the vehicles for long periods at reasonable prices! Whether you are looking for 10 ft trucks or 24 ft trucks, you can find them all here at Rentalorry.

Why Is A Long Term Rental Good For Business?

Cost Are Easier To Monitor

The monthly cost may be higher to rent a vehicle than to own one, but that is because the rental fees include the cost of maintenance and servicing for the trucks. At Rentalorry, because the cost of servicing has already been factored into the monthly rental rates, customers need not worry about unforeseen hiccups where they may need to fork out additional money just to get the vehicle running. This allows them to plan their transportation expenses more accurately every month.

Lower Costs

Everyone knows that renting for a longer period would be cheaper than renting for a shorter period. So make use of this to cut costs for your transportation. Thus, as compared to a daily truck rental package, a long term truck rental will definitely bring about greater cost savings.


  • Replacement vehicles – With our numerous partnerships across the island, we have a very large fleet of well-maintained trucks. Because of that, we are able to provide replacement vehicles in the event of any mishap or if the truck breaks down. This will minimize the disruption to your business or plans.
  • Convenience –  With our Internet portal, we can easily source for the best deal that best suits your needs and requirements. You will never have to do the tedious job of contacting multiple truck companies to find a suitable truck.
  • Excellent customer service – If you have any enquiries about our long-term truck rental package, feel free to contact our professional and friendly customer service officers who can answer all your questions. Well trained and knowledgeable, our customer service officers will advise you on the best deal and make the rental process easy and hassle free for you.