Our Services

Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of truck available for rental

Renting a light truck for a few days or over a longer period? We have flexible rental packages available right here.

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

Need the assistance of movers with your light truck rental? We will help with the packing and relocation of your belongings.

Transport Service

Transportation and delivery service of small to medium packages

The one way transport service make use of our very own driver and light truck to transport your cargo and items.

Ever faced this problem where you need to move furniture but the vehicles available are too big and your license does not permit you to drive big trucks?  Or maybe you just need to transport items which are too big for a car and renting a big truck seems like a waste of resources? Commanding a fleet of trucks which is available for rent, Rentalorry light truck rental services offers the solution to these problems. Slightly larger than vans, these light trucks have several benefits.

Benefits Of A Light Truck

Cheaper & More Affordable

It would be impractical to spend more money renting a big truck to move small items such as furniture i.e. sofas, tables, chairs or cupboards which a light truck can easily deliver. Rentalorry provides one of the cheapest truck rental services in Singapore. Whether it is a daily rental or monthly rental, we are confident are prices can suit your budget.

Easier Parking

If using the light trucks for delivery, you can park them at any regular parking slot and save yourself the trouble of having to find a big space to accommodate the size of a larger vehicle.


Wide Range Of Vehicles

Even if the light truck is not suitable for you, we have a large range of cargo trucks and moving trucks ready to assist you. All these trucks are suitable for the transport of medium to heavy cargo and also suitable for the home and office relocation.

Impeccable Customer Service

Boasting a 24 hour hotline to answer all your enquiries and even a quick reaction force to facilitate the replacement of vehicles, no other rental company provide services that are even close to ours.