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Lift truck arranging pallets in a warehouse

Looking for a lift truck rental service? We have a large range or lift trucks available for short term or long term rental with or without an operator.

Require a lift truck or forklift truck to move your loads? Rentalorry has just what you need! Check out the lift truck rental services below and choose what best suits your purposes. Rentalorry partners with Singapore Forklifts to provide forklift rental services. We provide lift trucks rentals with and without operators, contact us to get more information on our rates.

Uses & Benefits

Lift trucks, or forklifts as they are commonly known as, are primarily used in manufacturing and warehousing businesses to lift and move heavy loads over short distances on site. Although early models required manpower to lift the loads, the modern lift trucks have now become automated and function using hydraulic or electric power instead. These lift trucks have also been equipped with blades, or the fork, which an operator can tilt at an angle if needed, as an additional control measure to ensure save movement of the load on the lift truck.

An extensive range of lift trucks are available to date, differing in terms of specified maximum load capacities and sizes. Due to these restrictions on maximum loads, lift trucks can be used to lift a range of loads, from small loads of products such as cartons or boxes, to heavier loads such as loaded shipping containers.

Uses & Benefits

Easier Transportation of Heavy Loads

Lift trucks are suitable in moving both heavy and lighter loads on site, and do not require manpower for the lifts. As such, the efficiency of the moving process is increased as more or heavier loads can be moved faster.

Safer Working Environment

Further, as lift trucks reduce the need for manpower in moving loads, they thus reduce the likelihood of people being harmed if they had needed to move the loads instead, and hence create for safer working environments.


Large Fleet of Lift Trucks Available at Affordable Prices

At Rentalorry, we provide a large range of lift trucks that clients can choose from to rent. Based on their rental purposes, we strive to provide the vehicle for our clients which best suits their needs. In addition, we pride our rental prices to be on the cheaper side of the market, so clients can be rest assured that all our vehicles are comfortably affordable.

Reliable Vehicles & Staff

All Rentalorry rental vehicles, parts, and their equipment are regularly serviced to ensure that they are maintained in good condition. Also, the staff we provide to operate the vehicles have undergone professional training and continue to take operational courses to upgrade themselves and increase their credibility as operators.

Good Customer Service

Our company strives to provide only the best customer service for all our clients and potential clients. Should you have any queries, or require any other information about our rental vehicles, do not hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.