Our Services

Single Items

Movers moving a cabinet

Need help moving a mattress or a plant? Our movers can help you quickly and efficiently complete the task.

Full Load

Preparing an entire apartment for the house moving services

Suddenly need a mover to help you relocate? Our team can help you even if it is last minute!

Forgot to call the rental company about the moving truck? Can’t find any movers for a moving project with a deadline? With all the things to do before moving, we understand that there are slip-ups that can ruin a moving plan.

Whether it was a last minute cancellation or you simply need to get the move done fast, Rentalorry is here for you with our last minute movers! Our movers have got you covered and are always on stand-by to meet your needs!

Customer Reviews

The movers from Rentalorry appeared slightly late, but they were still able to complete the job in time. They wrapped up the furniture nicely and nothing was damaged during the moving process.


We had a hard time moving our oven previously so we decided to use Rentalorry’s services. They managed to get the oven to our new house smoothly and without any problems.

Xiao Hui

How Soon Can We Get There?

Depending on your location and the size of your move, it is more than possible for us to help you move on the same day of your call! Simply give us a call and we can give you the best time estimate to reach your location.

Whether you can’t find movers within the week or you need us on the same day, our efficient team is ready to help take on any moving project.

How Does It Work?

Contact Us!

The first thing to do is to give us a call or email us and describe to us the items that you will be moving. This ensures that our team can be well-equipped and prepared for a speedy move. With your accurate description, we can also provide you a good quote for the last minute moving.

Arrival Time

We will then give you the earliest possible time for our team to arrive at your doorstep, depending on the location sites of your move.

Packing & Moving

Our team will help you organize and pack your items into boxes with labels for an efficient and hasty move! Please let us know if you require additional wrapping services before hand so that we can prepare the necessary materials. We will then transport your goods to your new location quickly and efficiently!


After unloading, simply direct our professional movers and we will help you unpack and unload all your goods wherever you wish at your new site! Our friendly movers can also assist you with the assembling of the furniture if you require.

Alternate Services

Rentalorry has years of experience in the moving industry and we always try our best to cater to our customer’s needs. We understand that different customers have different budgets and so we have very flexible packages and services to suit our customers. If you require only a one way van rental to assist you with your moving, we would be glad to assist you as well. With our wide range of commercial vehicles and experienced movers and packers, we are confident that we can help you with your last minute moving.